MunzPaks, Farm Sets, and Sapphires

Two years ago, we launched the MunzPak service with the idea of getting new and exciting products into your hands at a great value. We’ve tinkered and refined our approach to it throughout the years to make sure you have the best experience. Everyone plays the game differently, and it can sometimes be challenging to find the right balance for everyone. One of the questions we’ve been asked frequently is if we were considering a virtual only MunzPak. That answer is now yes.

Starting October 1st, we will be offering both MunzPak and Virtual MunzPak. MunzPak will remain $15 and be the same service it has been, mostly physical stickers with occasional virtuals and credits. Virtual MunzPak will be $25 with a minimum value of $40 each month. It will include virtual and credit items only. Like MunzPak, Virtual MunzPak subscriptions will process at midnight MHQ time, meaning that your items will appear in your account at that time the day your payment is processed. You can subscribe to the MunzPak, the Virtual MunzPak, or both. From the MunzPak homepage, you will be able to subscribe and manage your subscription(s). If you need a refresher on how the recently updated MunzPak homepage works, check out the blog post.



This leads us to the Evolution Munzees and the Farm Set. As we mentioned previously, Premium Members will receive a free Golden Carrot credit on October 1st. Due to the “evolution” part of these munzees, this will only be a convert option for uncapped greenies within the first 24 hours of deploy or for never deployed greenies. This is to avoid potentially missing stages of the evolution (if a greenie that had been deployed three months ago was converted, the time from deployment would have already passed for the stages). The rest of the Farm Set will be launching in the MunzPaks. The Carrot and Peas will be included in the Virtual MunzPak while the Corn and Tomato will be included in the MunzPak.

But wait, there’s more!


Sapphire is the third hardest mineral with a 9 on the Mohs (hardness rating) Scale, the birthstone of September, and the gem of 5th and 45th anniversaries. It’s also the newest Munzee gem. While the MunzPak has had the Topaz and Pink Diamond, it’s only fitting for the introduction of a new gem alongside the Virtual MunzPak: the Virtual Sapphire. The Virtual Sapphire has a capture radius of 300ft, proximity rules of 50ft from other munzees and 150ft from your your own munzees, and IS blastable. The points are as follows:

  • Deploy: 45
  • Capture: 18
  • CapOn: 9

Now that all of the new munzees are out of the bag, here’s what’s included in the October MunzPaks.


  • 20 Flag Skinned Munzees (10 each of Australia and Finland)
  • 10 Corn Evolution Munzees
  • 10 Tomato Evolution Munzees
  • 4 Topaz
  • 1 Virtual Sapphire

Virtual MunzPak

  • 5 Virtual Carrot Evolution Munzees
  • 5 Virtual Peas Evolution Munzees
  • 2 Virtual Sapphires
  • 2 Diamond Credits
  • 2 Ruby Credits

We realize this is a lot of information all at once, but we wanted to make sure everything was covered. We hope you enjoy these new items and options. We can’t wait to see everything on the map!

Munzee on!