Introducing the Evolution Munzee

The best thing about Munzee is the community. You can meet people from around the world, make lifelong friends, and, in some cases, visit these friends. Events allow the community to foster these friendships even more. After capping and deploying in an area, however, there may be little left for further experiences in these areas because of density. On the other hand, players in more sparse areas are sometimes left without new munzees to capture regularly by no fault of their own. We want to help both of these groups grow the map and have new munzees to capture. In that spirit, we’re excited to introduce the Evolution Munzee.

How It Works

The Evolution Munzee is a new type of munzee with subsets of types. The basic principle is this: when a certain threshold is met (e.g. time, number of captures, etc) after being deployed, the Evolution Munzee will “evolve” into something new. Once this occurs, players will be able to recapture said munzee as if it were a special. Depending on the subset of the Evolution Munzee, this can occur multiple times. The first subset of Evolution Munzees will be the Farm Set.

The Farm Set

The Farm Set will begin with four “seeds”: Tomato, Corn, Carrot, and Peas. First, the “seed” is deployed. After 30 days, the “seed” will evolve into a “plant”. The icon will change, and you will be able to capture the plant even if you captured the original seed. Thirty days after the “seed” evolved, it will evolve once more into the “vegetable”. Once again, the icon will change and you will be able to capture it despite previous captures. This is where the Farm Set ends. (Future subsets may have more or less evolutions or different requirements.) You can only capture each stage of the evolution once, but you do not have to capture each one. Once the munzee reaches the final evolution, it will remain in that state.

For example: Tomato Seed -> Tomato Plant -> Tomato; Peas Seed -> Peas Plant -> Peas

Point Structure

For the Farm Set, the points will be as follows:

Deploy: 20 Points
Capture: Seed 10 Points; Plant 15 Points; Vegetable  20 Points
CapOn: Seed  5 Points; Plant  10 Points; Vegetable  15 Points

We want the Evolution Munzee to promote growth in new and old areas, maintenance of areas, and expanded community involvement and interaction. More information, including availability and other sets, will be provided soon. We hope you enjoy these!

Munzee on!