Munzee Fitness FAQs (Updated)

We’ve had some questions regarding Munzee Fitness, so we wanted to answer some of the most asked ones.

How do I link a fitness tracker to Munzee?
We’ve posted a video that you can watch here.

I earned a badge (e.g. 5K Day) on Fitbit. Why haven’t I earned the equivalent Munzee badge?
Munzee needs to retrieve the data from Fitbit in order to award a Munzee badge. If you earned those steps prior to January 1st, we won’t have that data in our database.

I’ve completed the requirements for a badge already, will these be retroactive?
These are only going to be retroactive since January 1st. You probably won’t see those badges until all of your data is loaded for January which will occur on February 2nd.

We Munzee as a couple (or family). Can we use Munzee Fitness together or do we need to create a second account?
Munzee Fitness will only link to ONE Fitbit account. If you want a separate tracking of players, you’ll need 2 Munzee accounts and 2 Fitbit accounts.

Can I use Google Fit or S Health the same way as Apple Health?
Unfortunately, no. Right now, S Health is NOT supported by Fitbit.

What devices will be supported?
At this time, Apple Health (without needing to sync through Fitbit) is on our radar. Any other devices with a public web API (not a development kit) could easily be supported, but we are researching it. We will continue to update you as new devices are added.

Is there a link to buy a Fitbit through affiliation?
Yes! The banner on the Munzee Blog and Fitness Leaderboard are through Munzee’s affiliation with Fitbit. You can also follow this link.

Will there be more badges available?
We do have plans to expand the badge lines in the future.

How do I remove the Fitbit authorization for Munzee?
There is a link under the users profile ( called Applications. You will see Munzee listed there. Simply click the “Revoke Access” button. It will require the user to reauthorize Munzee if they want to earn badges or be visible on the leaderboard.

If you have questions or need clarification on Munzee Fitness, please contact us at

Thanks and Munzee on!