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May 16, 2019

Munzee Fitness Update is Here to Whip You into Shape!

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, then chances are it’s finally starting to warm up (apologies to Southern Hemisphere). What better time to get active, especially since we are happy to announce the integration of new fitness features with the latest version of the Munzee app! We also have more than a dozen new Fitness Badges as well as a Community Step Challenge through the end of the month. Read on to learn more!

Fitness Updates

For all you fitness fanatics and diligent step counters, you can now integrate fitness features on the app! Our recent updates now allow players to track steps and distance using a compatible fitness provider. The following fitness providers are all compatible with the latest version of Munzee, so if you didn’t install Munzee 4.0 for iOS or Android, now is the time to jump straight to 4.1! Please remember the update is populating worldwide, which can sometimes take a few hours. So if you don’t immediately see it, just check back regularly!

Compatible fitness providers

  • Apple Health
  • FitBit
  • (NEW) GoogleFit
  • (NEW) Garmin

In addition to doubling our amount of compatible fitness devices, there are several other features in this latest update. You can learn more about fitness integration below, but here is a comprehensive list of changes:

  • Fitness features integrated with version 4.1 Munzee app, found in the Profile section of the app
  • Dual Map and Compass buttons added to the Munzee Details page
  • The compass screen now displays accurate latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Rovers now appear on the map if you’ve already captured the host, but have the capture filter disabled
  • Rovers now appear on the map if you own the host, but have the owned filter disabled

Syncing Your Device

Ready to start getting rewarded for your steps? If you have any of the four compatible devices, you can sync yours to Munzee today to start earning badges for your steps! You will be able to view all Fitness information from your player profile. Simply go to your profile and click the Fitness tab in order to view the Munzee Fitness daily activity and Fitness Vendor Authorization.

To sync your fitness device of choice, select the Fitness Vendor Authorization and choose which device you’d like to authorize. You will then be prompted to login to your Fitness device. Fitbit users, we kindly ask for you to login to your Fitbit account by entering your email and password for the Fitbit account. There seems to be an error that prevents people from logging in to their Fitbit via their Facebook or Google account options at the moment. All fitness device users, be sure to grant any necessary permission for your fitness device.

Once you login to your device, it will be linked to your Munzee account, and you will see a screen that reads “Authorization Successful!” You can now View Activity under the Munzee Fitness tab on your Player Profile to keep up with your progress! After you have authorized a fitness vendor, the Munzee Fitness tab will always be available for checking your daily activity.

Syncing your device is that easy! However, if you are more of a visual learner, we have created a Fitness Syncing Help Guide article that you can follow to help sync your device.

A Personal Challenge

Another update we have made to the Munzee Fitness program is the removal of Fitness Leaderboards. We know this may come as a shock to all of you competitive steppers, but we believe that Munzee Fitness is a personal tool for you to use to keep track of your daily activity. We encourage you all to set daily goals for yourself and maintain physical activity on your own accord. If you do prefer the challenging aspect of leaderboards, luckily the Fitness device you connected may still have those capabilities! It just won’t be a feature built into the Munzee platform moving forward.


We believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but health is an invaluable aspect of well-being that should never be swept aside. To encourage staying active and keeping your heart healthy, our new update offers the chance to earn over a dozen new fitness badges! These new badges have an updated design from the original badges and even more goals to reach.

If you have already earned any of the previously available Fitness badges, you will of course keep them. If you did not earn any of the original fitness badges they will no longer be available. All player data will be started fresh with the launch of this app update and everyone starts with the ability to earn only the new badges. In other words this new sync will act like Day One in your Munzee fitness journey for all players.

In total there are now four categories for Fitness badges!

The new Lifetime Miles badges have similar artwork to the previous line with the updated Munzee M. These badges award players for every thousand miles they walk up to 6,000 lifetime miles! If you earned the previous Lifetime Miles you’ll still get to see those in your collection, but now you have all new badges to walk for! The first in the new series appears as follows:

1k Lifetime Miles – Walk 1,000 lifetime miles using a supported Munzee fitness tracker.

Meanwhile, there will be an additional  TWO new Steps Per Day badges based on achieving outstanding daily steps. Players will still be able to earn the previous three badges (5k, 10k, 15k steps in one day) if they have not already earned them, but now you can also earn badges for stepping 20k and 25k in a single day!

We’re also excited to introduce new Streak Badges earned for consistent days of fitness!  You can earn these badges by walking at least 10,000 steps a day for multiple days in a row. The first badge, The Triathlete, can be earned when you walk at least 10k steps for three days in a row! We won’t reveal all of the streak requirements just yet, but after you earn the first one you should have a good idea of how long to keep going. The first in this all new badge series appears as follows:

Finally, there is a line of new Distance Badges to earn based on completing different mile achievements over time. These work like the Lifetime Miles Badges, but are based on very distinct distances. The fun part about these badges is they will inform you of how the distance you have walked compares to the real world. For example, if you earn the following badge, you will have walked the distance of England’s east coast to its west coast!

Coast-to-Coast- Walk 192 miles (309km) using a supported Munzee Fitness tracker.

Please be aware all badges may take up to 48 hours to appear after syncing your daily steps.

Community Challenge!

It’s time for a deep stretch, because you’re really going to be inclined to get moving when you hear about our fitness contest! Starting today and lasting until 23:59 MHQ time on May 31, we will be doing a 4.1 million steps challenge! (No, you don’t have to complete those steps yourself!) Everyone who syncs their devices will be challenged to collectively walk 4.1 million steps before the month ends. All who sync their devices to Munzee 4.1 will be automatically entered into a drawing for one of three prizes!

The *prizes include:

  1. 15 Urban Fit credits
  2. $25 Freeze Tag Store Gift card
  3. 15 Urban Fit coded stickers (available only from Authorized Munzee Resellers)

*One prize per winner.
**ALL participants who sync and walk at least 45,000 steps by May 31 will also receive ONE Urban Fit credit! Steps must be in our system before 23:59 May 31 to count.

One more time, don’t forget to update to Munzee 4.1 through your app store and sync your fitness device! We’re sure you’ll have all sorts of questions, so check out the Munzee Fitness FAQ Help Guide article, which we will also be updating over the next few days as we receive questions.

We hope this fitness update encourages you to get up and start moving. With cardiovascular disease cited as the leading global cause of death, hitting daily activity goals through as little as moderately paced walking for set periods of time can tremendously impact your health!

Get active, and Munzee on!

February 5, 2016

Fitbit Re-Authorization for Munzee

UPDATE: We will be updated the Munzee Fitness data on Monday at 00:01 CST so that all data from January is collected. The If your data hasn’t been collected and you reauthorize your Fitbit before then, the information will be included.


We experienced an issue that we had some Munzee Fitness authorization tokens expire and were deleted from the database automatically. Those of you who noticed you had to reauthorize several times a week were experiencing the issue. (See image below.)








The issue has been addressed and going forward, you (hopefully) shouldn’t have to reauthorize again. If you look at your Fitbit profile settings under Applications, you’ll notice Munzee is still authorized, but we may not have a current token in our database. Reauthorizing gives us a new token we can store. (See image below.)

Edit Profile My Applications






Coincidentally, if you ever want to revoke access for Munzee or any other application, that is the place to do it. Simply click the Revoke button.

If you continue to have issues, please contact Thank you, and Munzee on!

January 27, 2016

Munzee Fitness Challenge Winners

Last week we announced the Munzee Fitness Challenge in conjunction with the release of Munzee 3.1 and the introduction of Munzee Fitness. All you had to do was deploy a minimum of 60 greenies over the weekend, and you were entered to win a Fitbit Flex or gift cards to the Munzee Store.

We had over 80 people complete the challenge, totaling over 5000 greenie deploys. The usernames of the players who completed the challenge were put in a pot, and the three winners were chosen at random. They will be contacted shortly regarding their prizes.

1st Place – Nasabebbel
2nd Place – KatzRule712
3rd Place – monrose

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you everyone for participating!

January 21, 2016

Munzee Fitness FAQs (Updated)

We’ve had some questions regarding Munzee Fitness, so we wanted to answer some of the most asked ones.

How do I link a fitness tracker to Munzee?
We’ve posted a video that you can watch here.

I earned a badge (e.g. 5K Day) on Fitbit. Why haven’t I earned the equivalent Munzee badge?
Munzee needs to retrieve the data from Fitbit in order to award a Munzee badge. If you earned those steps prior to January 1st, we won’t have that data in our database.

I’ve completed the requirements for a badge already, will these be retroactive?
These are only going to be retroactive since January 1st. You probably won’t see those badges until all of your data is loaded for January which will occur on February 2nd.

We Munzee as a couple (or family). Can we use Munzee Fitness together or do we need to create a second account?
Munzee Fitness will only link to ONE Fitbit account. If you want a separate tracking of players, you’ll need 2 Munzee accounts and 2 Fitbit accounts.

Can I use Google Fit or S Health the same way as Apple Health?
Unfortunately, no. Right now, S Health is NOT supported by Fitbit.

What devices will be supported?
At this time, Apple Health (without needing to sync through Fitbit) is on our radar. Any other devices with a public web API (not a development kit) could easily be supported, but we are researching it. We will continue to update you as new devices are added.

Is there a link to buy a Fitbit through affiliation?
Yes! The banner on the Munzee Blog and Fitness Leaderboard are through Munzee’s affiliation with Fitbit. You can also follow this link.

Will there be more badges available?
We do have plans to expand the badge lines in the future.

How do I remove the Fitbit authorization for Munzee?
There is a link under the users profile ( called Applications. You will see Munzee listed there. Simply click the “Revoke Access” button. It will require the user to reauthorize Munzee if they want to earn badges or be visible on the leaderboard.

If you have questions or need clarification on Munzee Fitness, please contact us at

Thanks and Munzee on!