Munzee 3.1 Has Arrived! (Updated)

UPDATE: Google Play now has version 3.1.1 available for download. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: We are aware of an issue with 3.1 for Android phones. We are currently working to correct the problem and push a new update to the Play Store.


The departure from Munzee 2.X.X to Munzee 3.0 was a big one not only for gameplay, but for Munzee as a company. Today, we are releasing the first major update, Munzee 3.1 Included in Munzee 3.1 is:
Munzee Fitness
Part of Munzee is getting outside and being active. Many of our players (and staff members) use fitness trackers of all sorts. Munzee fitness allows integration between fitness services and Munzee to view activity and compete with other players.

  • The first activity tracking service to be supported is Fitbit. More will follow shortly. We want to be able to support as many tracking services as our players use. You can watch a video about how to integrate Fitbit (and later other) services with Munzee Fitness here. (You can also connect Apple Health to Fitbit to track your activity if you don’t have a wearable. You can find out how by watching this video.)
  • Daily, Weekly, and Overall Fitness leaderboards can be found in the “Leaderboards” section of the app. They can also be found online here. NOTE: Because many fitness trackers track in local time, the Daily leaderboard is TWO DAYS behind, i.e. the leaderboard that you see on Tuesday will be showing the leaders from Sunday. This allows for everyone to finish their fitness day locally and allows for more fairness to everyone around the world.
  • Fitness Badges have also been added to Munzee. Two lines, the “Daily Fitness Badge” and the “Lifetime Fitness Badge” have been added. Each line starts with three badges to earn. They can be found on the badges page online and in-app.

Map Optimization
The map has been optimized to use less data when loading pins.

Closest Events Page
The navigation tab now includes “Closest Events” which allows you to find events near you! You can find all of the events on the Munzee Calendar. We also encourage you to host your own event! If you’re interested in doing so but not quite sure where to start, email to find out more!

Message Archival
Message threads can now be archived by swiping left on them from the inbox.

Improved Scanner
The newest SCANDIT scanner has been added.

We’re very excited about these new additions and updates, and we have plenty more in store for you.

In conjunction with Munzee 3.1 and the launch of Munzee Fitness, we’re having a Fitness Challenge. From Friday, January 22nd through Sunday, January 24th, you’ll have the chance to win a Fitbit Flex (or equal store credit value) just for playing Munzee. Check out the Munzee Fitness Challenge blog post for all of the information!

We hope you enjoy Munzee 3.1, and Munzee on!


NOTE: Though the app has been pushed to production, it may take time to propagate to your location’s App or Google Play Store. Please be patient if you don’t see it immediately.