Munzee Code of Conduct UPDATE

UPDATE: Social Munzees may use any image as long as they are not printed out and deployed in public places. Online forums are acceptable places to share socials with personalized (and perhaps copyrighted) images. 

The Munzee Player Code of Conduct has been updated to include an additional restriction. When printing and deploying your own munzees it is prohibited to include unauthorized trademarked or copyrighted images/designs/logos/information on Munzee skins.This action is taken to protect players and Munzee as a whole. The restriction will not impact the vast majority of players and will be easy to avoid moving forward from this point.

Players who have deployed Munzees past, present and future with images prohibited by this new restriction will have until May 15th to replace, undeploy, or archive any Munzee in violation. Trademark and Copyright infringement is a crime and we do not want anyone to break the law when playing Munzee. For more information on this restriction and the general Player Code of Conduct please visit the following link.