Melon flashMOB!

Throughout the years, August in the Munzee world tends to be more relaxed — as birthday month winds down we usually take a bit of a break after all the excitement! Well after celebrating us all month long, we’ve decided to turn it around and showcase how thankful we are for YOU — our players!

We’re calling it the “Player AppreZEEation Celebration” and since you’ve shown us such great support during our UnBirthday month, we’ve got a handful of surprises over the next few weeks!

To kick things off, we thought it would be fun to flock the map again like we did in April — but this time, it’s not Flamingos you’ll be waking up to — read on for everything you need to know!

Refreshing Watermelons

From the period of Monday, August 1st at 00:01 MHQ through Tuesday, August 2nd at 23:59 MHQ, if you’ve captured all the munzees near you, you’ll be happy to discover that your map has been flashMOBBED! ALL Greenies and Virtual Colors will have the “mask munzees” shown below applied to them.

Watermelon – Physical Watermelon – Virtual
Points Points
  • Capture: 60
  • CapOn: 3
  • Capture: 40
  • CapOn: 3

As before, what we mean by “mask munzee” is that they appear on top of a host munzee, similar to a bouncing munzee, but once capped they do NOT bounce anywhere else. You have “removed” the mask.


We’ve created 2 NEW Badges for you to earn via specific gameplay actions! As they are time-sensitive, we’ll reveal those to you now:

It’s up to you to figure out the requirements for the badge on the right. Hopefully the image is enough of a hint!

We hope you join us in enjoying this juicy summer fruit — thanks for reading until the end!

Munzee on!