Land Ho! Welcome the NEW Reseller Bounty Ships!

Yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me! And what does every good pirate NEED? A ship, of course! Well, we’re excited to announce our NEW Bounty Ship game pieces are available from our authorized Resellers*! Imagine a Prize Wheel or Sir Prize Wheel loaded with pirate treasure waiting for you capture! The Bounty Ships are available for $5 each – grab one of each color and set sail! Keep reading to learn more!

The Bounty Ships are a new Gaming type based on the classic board game- with a Pirate twist! Like other Gaming munzees, once you cap the base pin it will kickstart a game for you to play out in the real world! The physical Red Bounty Ship and the virtual Blue Bounty Ship, are different types, but they work very similarly.

As an added bonus capturing any of the Bounty Ship types/scatters will have the chance to award hidden treasure! Zeds, cogs, jewel shards, and other types of prizes are added to some captures. At launch the probability of getting multiple prizes within this mini game is quite high so give it a shot!

The point values for the Bounty Ship Munzees are as follows:


  • Cap: 35
  • CapOn: 30
  • Deploy: 40

Prepare For Battle!

When you capture the base Bounty Ship it will scatter 1-3 of the associated colored cannonballs: Red Cannonballs or Blue Cannonballs! Capturing a cannonball will then award either a HIT! or MISS! You’ll be setting sail and firing cannonballs to try to hit and SINK all the enemy ships – the goal is to keep capturing cannonballs so you can sink all of the ships and earn all the badges to win the game of Bounty Ship!

So let those Cannonballs fly and hope for a mighty hit!

For both of the Cannonballs, the amount of points for the Capture will be based on the result of the firing. They both will be 20 points for the CapOn. Both will have a Capture Radius of 150 feet and expire after 120 minutes. Beware though, a MISS! will result in -5 points! 

Now here’s where things get a little tricky! The result from capping a Cannonball will be one of five different HIT! options based on different enemy ship sizes. So if you cap a Red Cannonball you might earn a Blue Submarine HIT! This will be vice-versa for the Blue Cannonball since you’re firing on Red ships. Based on the size of the ship you’ll earn different amounts of points.

  • Brigantine Ship HIT!- 50 Capture Points
  • Schooner HIT!- 40 Capture Points
  • Sloop HIT!- 30 Capture Points
  • Submarine HIT!- 20 Capture Points
  • Lifeboat HIT!- 10 Capture Points


You’ll need to HIT! each style of Ship multiple times in order to earn a SUNK badge depending on the size of the ship. There will be a corresponding badge for sinking each Ship as well as, and if you manage to sink them all you might earn something too! That means there are lots of badges to go along with these ships! Here’s a sneak peek of one but you’ll have to be on your best pirate-y behavior to earn the rest!

Sunken Red Brigantine- Earned a HIT! on a Red Brigantine 5 times by capturing Blue Cannonballs scattered from Blue Bounty Ships.

Two New Reseller Greeting Cards

And the Reseller fun doesn’t stop there! We have 2 NEW Reseller Greeting Cards to share with you! Let the good times (barrel) roll with the RUMarkable Card and the Time Flies When You’re Having RUM Card – check them out below!

These Limited Edition cards are perfect for sending yer mateys a hearty helping of celebratory libations! Remember you can only get these from authorized Resellers so be sure to check out their websites to get yours!

    • Deploy: 60
    • Capture: 50
    • CapOn: 30

Check Out Our NEW RUM QRates!

Arghhhh! With the launch of all these swashbuckling goodies, we HAVE to include a new RUM QRate! These curious cubes have the same requirements as the Common QRates – so they take capturing or deploying 100 Physicals to open. Also, they are found by capturing physical RUMs, including the new Red Bounty Ship!

And what could be inside? Well, Cubimals of course! And not just any Cubimals, but 2 NEWLY released Mini Cubimals! Pry open these bad boys to discover some new friends!

And on the topic of Cubimals… we have 4 more Cubimal Bouncers released in the redeem store – check them out as well as the two NEW Mini Cubimals below!


Get out there and plunder the Seven Seas!

Munzee on!

*Please note we do not control Reseller’s online stores, so the products may take some time to be added. Check back later if you don’t initially see the new Bounty Ships or Greeting Cards!