Behind the Scenes: Sept 26th, 2023

We’re writing today with an update of what we’ve accomplished over the past week. We’ll also include what we are currently working on and some upcoming fixes yet to begin.


  • BIG web map update completed (built by Sam)
    • Speed
    • Accuracy
    • Style
    • New Deploy/Plan Mode
  • All Places will now deploy properly based on nearby munzees
  • Ability to swap virtual munzees
  • Ability to search undeployed list online
  • Number of bouncers on the map instead of “resting”

Still in Progress with High Priority

  • Some Android devices crash upon capture of physical Munzee
  • Pins reappearing on map after being captured
  • Speed of pins loading in app map
  • Balance bouncer numbers in treehouses and skylands
  • Some badges that should show progress to next level continue to disappear
  • Updates on servers and backend performance to keep game online 24/7
  • Incorrect CapOn Points for some Munzees

Known but not receiving full attention yet

  • Fitness Integration
  • Floating pins (more map overhauls are needed before this focus but we are closer)
  • Daily Activity Tracker sometimes gets stuck on “verifying”
  • Referral links are broken for some players


We feel like last week saw a lot of positive movements and we look forward to continuing that trend this week. Thank you once again for “sticking with us” while we continue to put all our resources behind bringing the game back to the standards we all expect.

– Team Munzee


To see a full list of what we are completing: