Jewel Prize Packs and Emerald Sale

Last week, we announced that the Top 100 Clans from July would receive Jewel Prize Packs and that during the month of August, a clan would be chosen at random every day to receive a prize pack. We’ve got some more information for you on those plus the Emerald sale.

Top 100 Clans
Each member of the top 100 clans from last month was awarded a prize pack this morning. This pack included 3 Diamond credits, 3 Ruby credits, and 4 Aquamarine credits. Congratulations to those clans!

August Clans
Every day throughout the month, an active clan will be randomly chosen to receive a Jewel Prize Pack. The winners for each day will be posted on the Announcements page of the Munzee website and pushed as a notification through the Munzee app, so keep an eye out!

Emerald Pin Sale
As a reminder, the remaining Emeralds from the Birthday Gardens will go on sale at 15:00 MHQ time today. There is a limit of one per person. The original blog post has been updated to reflect this.

Have fun with Clan Wars, and Munzee on!