UPDATED: Emerald Garden Pins for Sale

Updated to include per person limit.

If you hadn’t noticed, some new Emerald Gardens popped up over the course of Birthday Month. These new gardens were tied to Birthday events as prizes, and during the course of the month, we had to make some adjustments to them due to the massive amount of Birthday Party attendees. In doing so, we overestimated a bit and are now left with a few incomplete gardens. We’re opening up those remaining spots to everyone!

Tomorrow are 15:00 MHQ time, Emerald Garden Pins will be back in the store. They are $10, and you will be randomly assigned an Emerald in one of the gardens. This sale is open to everyone, but there is a limited quantity available. There is also a limit of ONE PER PERSON. This link will go live at sale time. You can also see all of the Official MHQ Emerald Gardens here.

If you were unable to attend a Birthday Event, or you just want an Emerald Munzee, this is your chance!

Munzee on!