Community Stories – Diabetes, Part 7

When we announced our Diabetes Awareness Charity Special, we asked you to share your stories of living with diabetes, and health in general, and how Munzee has helped you. We’ve gotten a handful of stories that we will be sharing, and we hope these encourage you to share yours. These stories have been edited to exclude personal information unless explicitly stated.

On May 4th 2015 , my world was rocked to the core.

My daughter (12 1/2 at the time) had been unwell and vomiting so we took her to the doctor. He said she had a tummy bug.
A few hours later, she was deteriorating, so I took her to the ER. They suspected appendicitis and drew blood. Then they said, “You didn’t say she had diabetes?” I said, “She doesn’t that I know of.”
Then, things got crazy.  She was rushed into critical care.  She had undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes and was in DKA (diabetes keto acidosis) — her body was filling with acid from having too high glucose levels for too long and not being able to process it. She was dying and her body was starting to shut down.
She spent 8 hrs in critical care and was started on insulin before they could move her to ICU, where she was for 24 hrs. She was then moved to the kids ward for a week, where we learned all about injecting multiple times a day, calculating carbs in everything she ate, and the rigorous testing she now endures every time before she eats, injects, exercises, sleeps and we even test at least once overnight. Everything affects her glucose levels. It will every moment of her life until a cure is found.
She now lives life to the fullest, and goes abseiling, hiking, caving, enjoys school and had fun with her friends.
We now try and live every moment to its fullest, and Munzee takes us places, allows us to meet new people, and just try and embrace life. It can change at any moment.

If you have a story you would like to share with us, please email!

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