Community Stories – Diabetes, Part 1

When we announced our Diabetes Awareness Charity Special, we asked you to share your stories of living with diabetes, and health in general, and how Munzee has helped you. We’ve gotten a handful of stories that we will be sharing, and we hope these encourage you to share yours. These stories have been edited to exclude personal information unless explicitly stated.

I have to write and tell you how this great game of Munzee helped me from contracting diabetes.

It all started a few years ago: I’m part of a team that creates treasure hunts to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. We were doing a hunt through Hollywood, and my task was to keep ahead of the contestant and make sure the clues were in place. Well, I just couldn’t keep up. When I got back home to the UK, I visited my Doctor, and after many tests, he diagnosed that I was suffering from Pre-Diabetes. In fact, I was very close to developing the disease full blown.

After a while that included a serious diet and much more exercise, I lost about 35 pounds, and was told that my new regime was for life. Well, I used to go letter boxing over here on Dartmoor, but was getting fed up with the wet weather and the need to dress for it. So, I started walking round the town.

It was all pretty boring until a friend of mine (a cacher) said the word Munzee. I had never heard it before, but did a google search.

From that moment on I was hooked. I bought myself an iPhone, and my walks were never the same again. I’ve kept my weight off, and more importantly my blood sugar level has remained in limits.

When the next person wins a silver eagle in the Cancer treasure hunt, I shall be heading to the USA once more. This time, the hunt is in Miami, so I shall take time out and pop across to McKinney, hopefully to meet up with you munzee guys. That will be just great !!

If you have a story you would like to share with us, please email!

Munzee on!