Badges for Mythological Munzees are Here!

The release of the Unicorn and Leprechaun Munzees left us (and you) with the inevitable question: When are associated badges being released? As you may have deduced from a previous social post, they have arrived!

Today, we are releasing two badge lines: one for Unicorns and one for Leprechauns. Each line currently has three classes for capturing a number of unique Mythological Creatures: 1 Unicorn/Leprechaun, 50 Unicorns/Leprechauns, and 100 Unicorns/Leprechauns.

These badges aren’t cross-creature, i.e.27 Unicorns and 23 Leprechauns do not equal a badge for either.

Do you have what it takes to rise the ranks? Get out there and prove it! Munzee on!