Reseller Stickers Are Now Available!

Authorized resellers are a huge part of the Munzee community. They take an idea and expand it into items that Team Munzee would have never thought of. They also have their own dedicated communities that they serve proudly and diligently. Now we’re proud to serve them and you with a new Munzee: Reseller Unique Munzee Stickers. As you can imagine they are already being affectionately called RUMS by the reseller group.

Each reseller now has a unique Munzee sticker and icon with their logo/branding on them. On the map, they will all have the same generic reseller icon (seen here). When captured, you will not only receive this icon, but alsoResellerPin the icon for the specific reseller who distributed the sticker. For example, if you capture 5 of Reseller A’s stickers and 5 of Reseller B’s stickers, you will receive 10 generic reseller icons as well as 5 Reseller A icons and 5 Reseller B icons.

Each sticker is coded as generic for any player and the points for the RUMS are as follows:

  • Capture: 15
  • Deploy: 25
  • CapOn: 10

The RUMS will have associated capture and deploy badges coming soon. This is just a first step in something big to come, so keep an eye out for further announcements.

RUMS are now available from most resellers, find the list here and Munzee on!