We’re Having a Property Sale!

From jewels to destinations, there’s a lot of Munzee property. Times change, though, so we’re having a Property Sale! There are three new packages in the online store:

  • “Jewel Thief” ($50) – This is a burglar’s dream. The Jewel Thief includes 12 Diamond Munzees, 12 Ruby Munzees, and 4 Topaz Munzees.
  • “Overnight Guests” ($30) – Need someplace to lie low after your heist? The Overnight Guests includes 8 Hotel Munzees and 12 Motel Munzees..
  • “Mystery Package” ($15) – Did you just have to grab a bag and hope it had something good in it? The Mystery Package includes a random assortment of munzees (Diamond, Ruby, Topaz, Hotel, or Motel) with a minimum value of $30.

You can find all of the packages in the Property Sale collection in the online store.

Have fun, and Munzee on!