Munzee App Updates for Android and iOS

Munzee app updates have been pushed to the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Munzee 3.1.4 for Android Changelog

  • Fixed app freezing from Map screen
  • Added the ability to force notifications to be sent to the current device (Tools Menu)
  • Fixed Clan details view to meet general look and feel
  • Updated translations
  • Updated scanner
  • Added the ability to copy test scan results to clipboard
  • Added the ability to copy text of individual Munzee messages to clipboard
  • General improvements and bug fixes

Munzee 3.1.3 for iOS Changelog

  • Improved map stability
  • Improved map performance by requesting map pins in a smaller zoom range
    • Increased zoom range is used when Advanced Filters (Only Nomads, Only Vacant Rooms, etc) are applied or when only one special munzee type is selected in filters
    • Experienced players can activate an overall increased zoom range in app settings
  • Improved friends list layout
  • Updated translations
  • General improvements and bug fixes

Munzee 3.1.4 for iOS is currently in review and will include the same features as 3.1.4 for Android.

These updates have been made live, but it may take time for them to reach your area, so please have patience.

Munzee on!