We’re Flamingo-ing Crazy in 2022!

Can you believe there’s only a few weeks left in the year? While many of us are still living the sequel of 2020, surviving that tough year has allowed us to identify what worked and what didn’t work, and make changes for a better 2021. We also allowed for a bit of experimentation — namely, the Garden Gnomes!

At around this time last year, we announced our plans for Garden Gnomes, so that those interested would be prepared once we were back in the office and making them available. Looking back on the year, we believe Garden Gnomes were a success and beloved by the community, so we’ve decided to continue releasing a similar style of game piece in 2022!

We’re not releasing all of the details just yet, but we did want to give everyone a heads up to start your capture streaks on January 1st! 

Garden Flamingos

Garden Flamingos will go on sale January 1st at 00:01 MHQ! As usual you’ll want to capture at least one munzee* each day for the entire month to earn a reward. If you can make it through the whole month you’ll be awarded a badge and special Flamingo skin themed to that month’s activity! We’ll release more information on Flamingos and any differences from Garden Gnomes once we’re back in the office, but for now, here’s a sneak peek into what we have planned!

Please give a warm welcome to January’s New Year Garden Flamingo!

This year, instead of a sports theme, we wanted to really lean into holidays and celebrations that typically occur each month. The past two years, there have been birthdays, graduations, weddings, and much more to celebrate, but many were scaled down from their original plans. We wanted to make 2022 a more lively year and also continue our lawn décor line, so flamingos were a no-brainer!

We’re all in this together, and if nothing else, it will help you get one step closer to the year-long capture and deploy streak badges. We’ll have a different flamingo badge design each month, but try and keep up with your streak throughout the year! We believe in you!

We hope you’re excited to meet each month’s flamingo and perhaps take home one of your own! Munzee on!

* In order to encourage active gameplay we will not count Social Munzees for these capture streaks. If you know you’ll be in an area without munzees plan ahead!