Weekend Update

Hello everyone. This is just a quick update to let you know our plans for Monday. Due to the holidays and the weekend we have not had the chance to confirm all items in time for 10am MHQ sales. We will delay the sales until ~3pm MHQ time which allows most players worldwide a better timing and opportunity. Thank you for understanding as we’ve made several changes over the past several days.
Additional information will be available prior to 3pm tomorrow. The goal is 10-11am for an informational post about Cyber Munzday sales. My current thoughts are sale prices on many current items, the release of the limited edition unicorn munzee (hard programmed to only award 1 per account), and the release of the surprise munzee. Surprise munzee will only be available after more conversations in the morning if it is ready to launch fully. Other items may be included or removed based on our ability to provide the best quality and service.
Thanks again for your patience and I hope you enjoyed the prizes the past few days. We are thankful for everyone who plays Munzee. The prizes end at 10am MHQ time Monday. — Rob