Cyber Munzday Sale

Hello everyone and thank you for the patience over the past week.
Here is the final information about our sale, to begin at 3pm CST.

EDIT: Virtual Trail Deploy Stage One: Change location of Stage One BEFORE converting to virtual trail.

Surprise Munzee: Previously marketed as the MVM replacement, it is now clear from player feedback it will not fit that mold. This munzee is not able to be blast captured. All surprise munzees have been returned to your undeployed list, even if they had captures. There is a good reason, we want everyone to have a chance to deploy where it is able to be captured. The capture attributes are within 300 feet of the munzee, just as a normal virtual or MVM, excluding blast. We wanted to give all premium members a chance to start fresh with this information in mind when choosing a deployment location. The Surprise Munzee will be offered for sale at $3.50 instead of regular $6.00.

Store Description for Surprise munzee:  The Surprise Munzee is the newest in a line of virtual munzees. When captured, it will randomly award the points of a munzee from this list of predetermined Munzees:

Cap/CapOn points as of February 2020.
Diamond: 80/25
Ruby: 70/25
Mystery: 60/25
Topaz: 60/25
Motel: 120/40
Hotel: 200/50

Unicorn Munzee: 1000 limited quantity. If you attempt to purchase more than one your account will NOT be credited with the second. This has been coded to stop those who have found work arounds in the past. DO NOT ATTEMPT, no refunds will be processed. The unicorn is priced at $20 and only available in this limited quantity. It will appear along with the nomads and other special icons at for all players to track and capture. The unicorn is valuable and flies from Munzee to Munzee all over the world similar to the nomad.

Virtual Trail Munzees: In order to fix a miscommunication we have two parts to this announcement.

First, for those who purchased on Friday: we have added a brand new virtual for each of the credits you purchased. We did not fully communicate or price appropriately the intent of the virtual trail munzee. The virtuals have already been added to your undeployed list.

Second, for those who will purchase today and moving forward: the pricing has been updated to reflect the purchase of brand new virtual munzees AND virtual trail credits. One purchase equals 5 credits and 5 virtual munzees.The price for today only is $13 (5 credits for $3 and 5 virtuals for $2 each). The normal retail price is $30.

THANK YOU! We appreciate your understanding over this past holiday weekend. We hope you enjoyed the extra prizes given out for captures. Use them wisely to Grow The Map in your area!

If any details are missed they will be added as an update at the top of this post. Thank you.