Secret ZeeOps- Operation: QRypt Capper (July 2021)

All caught up with Secret ZeeOps and looking for more? Here’s a new one available in the ZeeOps Hub for a discounted cost of 1,000 Zeds (normally Secret ZeeOps cost 1,500 Zeds)! For now, it will be available for purchase until 23:59 MHQ on July 31, but will likely return in the future at the usual cost. The past Secret ZeeOps will also be removed from the ZeeOps Hub at the end of July. However, if you’ve already purchased any of those Secret ZeeOps, you will be able to complete it and collect rewards even after it is no longer available for purchase.

Can you navigate through a labyrinthine pyramid to prevent a curse from being unleashed? If you complete ALL the missions in Operation: QRypt Capper, you’ll receive the snazzy badge below, along with the S4RC0PH4GUS Munzee (more info below!) and various other rewards listed in the app!

There are 4 levels. Level 1 has 1 mission, Level 2 has 2 missions, Level 3 has 3 missions, and Level 4 has 4 missions. Each level ends with more prizes.

We may share this information moving forward with other Operations but possibly not.

S4RC0PH4GUS Details

The S4RC0PH4GUS is unique in that after its 5th capture, it will be archived and trigger the deploy of a new MUMM33 tPOB AND up to 3 SC4RAB scatters. If you’re lucky, SC4RABs can award points and a few Zeds — but on the other side of the coin, you may lose a few points. As the MUMM33 and SC4RAB will be deployed on the S4RC0PH4GUS owner’s account, there are CapOn rewards for the owner! You can get the full details in our Help Guide article HERE!

Please note that capping the S4RC0PH4GUS will NOT count towards the Daily ZeeOps mission “Capture any Munzee that scatters other Munzees” as it only scatters on the 5th capture.

On behalf of MHQ, we thank you for your continued service.

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