Return of the Couch Potato

Today is National Lazy Day! Whether you’re a real-life Hometown Hero, someone fortunate enough to work from home, or someone with more unique circumstances in-between the two, everyone is being challenged to work without all the resources one is used to having, and often putting in longer hours. The work-life balance struggle is real! Have you scheduled in some time for rest and relaxation? If not, today is the perfect day to do it!

We are happy to announce the NEW Couch Potato Card is now available for purchase! You can pick up Greeting Cards from the Freeze Tag Online Store HERE. Remember, you receive multiple munzees from your single purchase! Read the details in the store, or see below.

NEW Greeting Card Munzee Details

We have 1 new Limited Edition card for your deploying pleasure!

Tell your hardworking friends and family to relax with a Couch Potato Card!

Don’t forget to edit the title and the notes to add a personal touch! While the capture message will contain your Munzee username as all Greeting Card capture messages do, we think typing in a more specific greeting will go a long way to creating a more unique and special experience!

The Couch Potato Card will be available from National Lazy Day (Aug 10) through National Potato Day on August 19. Who comes up with these wacky holidays? No clue, but what better way to celebrate than by sending your buds a sleepy spud?!

This brings the current lineup of Greeting Cards available for purchase to the following:

  • Open Edition (will always be available; ONE Purchase yields FOUR munzees)
    • Birthday
    • Get Well
    • Thank You
    • Congrats
    • Sorry
    • Sorry 1
    • Sorry 2
    • Sorry 3
    • Summer
    • Winter
  • Limited Edition (will rotate depending on occasion; ONE Purchase yields THREE munzees)
    • Stay Home
    • Couch Potato

As a refresher, the point structure for Greeting Cards is as follows:

  • Open Edition
    • Deploy: 50
    • Capture: 40
    • CapOn: 25
  • Limited Edition
    • Deploy: 60
    • Capture: 50
    • CapOn: 30

Remember that these munzees will be archived 7 days after they are deployed, so make sure your intended recipient captures it before then!

For more information on the Greeting Cards, you can check out our Help Guide article.

Munzee on!