Premium Prizes For Captivating Campers!

Starting with our Player of the Month requirements announced a few weeks ago, we wanted to make this month all about reaching out to and supporting all the new players that have discovered Munzee during these tough times.

Last week we posted about the new tutorials we’ve added to the Help & Info section of the app, which is just one of many steps we are taking to make the app more friendly to new players. Another step we’ve taken is testing out week-long Premium trials for new players when they sign up. So far, the results have been good, so it looks like the Premium trials are here to stay!

Since we’ve committed to giving all new players a week-long Premium trial, we wanted to extend the offer to others as well! Whether you’re a new player who joined before the trials started, or a veteran player who hasn’t chosen to take the next step, this is your chance to get a taste of the Premium life.

To players who were active during the period of July 1 to August 10:

  • If you are NOT currently a Premium Member, you will receive a week-long Premium trial starting today!*
  • If you are already a Premium Member (but not currently on a week-long trial), you will receive a Golden Carrot and a Howdy Greeting Card!**

For more about the benefits of a Premium Membership, check out the Help Guide article!

This should also give you a little time to attain QRew status, if you are working towards this month’s Clan War Requirements!

We hope you enjoy these extra rewards!

Munzee On!

*Please note that this Premium Membership trial only unlocks the features within the app. Upgrade to the full Premium Membership to unlock all the additional items!

**As always, it may take some time for the Golden Carrot and Howdy Card to reach those eligible, so please wait a day before contacting if you don’t see yours at