Premium Munzee Point Update, Discounted Premium Memberships, and More!

We’re excited to announce that we have increased the points for Premium Munzees! Starting NOW the points for Capturing, Deploying and Cap-Ons for Premium Munzees has been increased to the following:

  • Deploy: 200
  • Capture: 50
  • CapOn: 50

Remember that you can only receive a Premium Munzee with the purchase of an annual Premium Membership.

We have also extended the Premium badge line as well. So if you have been a Premium Member since we started the program you’ll have the possibility to earn a few more badges. These badges (one for each year of renewal) are retroactive and you can earn them now! They are not actually earned based on number of years as a Premium Member, but instead by the number of Premium Munzees you have deployed. If you have Premium credits in your account, NOW is the time to get them deployed!

To celebrate we are having a Premium Membership sale! Starting NOW Premium Munzee Memberships will be 10% off in the Online store until Friday at 10:00 MHQ. To sweeten the pot, all Premium Members will receive a Golden Carrot Evolution Munzee credit on Friday at 10:00 MHQ. Golden Carrots will also see a point increase at that time.

Golden Carrot Seed
Deploy: 50
Capture: 50
CapOn: 25

Golden Carrot Plant
Capture: 75
CapOn: 50

Golden Carrot
Capture: 100
CapOn: 75

If you are interested in renewing your Premium account (and earning another premium credit and the other goodies again) you can do so HERE.

Upgrade your existing Munzee account to a Premium Membership and enjoy a unique set of perks! For $30/year you will currently* receive the following:

  • Premium Munzee – This munzee is only available to Premium members and is worth 200 deployment and 50 capture and 50 CapOn points.
  • Motel Munzee credit – This munzee is only available to Premium members through the store, you may purchase up to 5 per month.
  • 4 MVM – These munzees can be deployed in places where it is impossible to hide a physical munzee. They are virtual. Deploy in app or via the online map.
  • Social Munzee – Besides being location-less and mobile, the Social Munzee can be branded with your own custom logo (500 pixels x 500 pixels).
  • Expanded user stats – Go behind the scenes with detailed munzee activity stats that you can view and share with other users.
  • First access (usually distributed for free) to many brand new products.
  • App Ad Removal Option under settings in app
  • Advanced Filters
  • and more!

*We like to keep this fresh so we reserve the right to substitute/add/change/tweak this program with no advance notice. The value will always remain the same, or be higher!

Once purchased you will receive your Premium Munzee as a credit, to be added when you deploy a munzee. Your Motel, MVMs, Social, and expanded stats will be immediately available on your account as well. If you are renewing your premium membership it will add 365 days to the end of your current expiration date.

We appreciate all of our Premium players and especially those who renew each year! If you have never become a premium member, NOW is the time to give it a try! Maybe even check out the Premium Personal Munzee with a discounted price now?!?

Munzee on!