Podcast Episode 22: Rob’s Red-eye Flights across the Rhine, wrapping up the Birthday Fiesta, and Rob “drops” some teasers!

This episode of the Munzee podcast is a media overload!  Be sure to check our Youtube channel tomorrow for some behind the scenes fun!

This week’s topics:

1.  Europe <3’s coachV!  Rob revisits his trip to Cologne for the 2nd Annual Europe event.  This massive event had over 100 players, and definitely shows Team Munzee our players have the potential to put on a major event!

2.  Some interesting ideas get passed onto Rob when he attends an event.  Did we mention coachV brings special goodies when he travels to events?

3.  Points and Clan stats!  How you doing (wink-wink)?

4.  Wrapping up the #FiestaThree birthday and some last minute celebrations!  Be sure to get your Munzee Birthday photos to iLoveYou@Munzee.com and we’ll try to squeeze them into our big birthday project!

5. Dylan butchered the names of the winners of the prize day Monday so here are the winners:

  • Vin22
  • penfieldparty
  • SeekNmunz
  • Georiffles
  • Pinguin01
  • TheIrishDuo
  • MatJar2
  • mhoefing
  • shie
  • DaddyOMommyO
  • McAdies
  • Spino

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