Mystery Virtuals ON SALE NOW!

jjMhAWlg2-so5__wEKNhYcKcbw1SYRGW5PfCarZOb70After a bit of a low key third day of the birthday month yesterday, Munzee is happy to announce a few things today. We said to expect the unexpected right? Players will now have the ability to deploy Mystery Virtual Munzees from within the app. In addition to using a computer to deploy the MVMs, you’ll be able to do it all from your phone, on location. Hopefully this will make the process a bit easier on players. But what are you going to deploy to test this new addition to Munzee?

Well we’re also happy to announce that Mystery Virtual Munzees are on sale NOW in the birthday section of the store. The MVMs have been knocked down to $5, but premium users will also get an additional 33% off all birthday items when they check out. There will also be a number of other items on sale in the birthday section. Mystery Virtuals will go fast though so get to buying quickly, because this sale won’t go on for long. CoachV will end the sale when he sees fit, so get to the store now.

PinataBadge_720There has also been another influx of piñatas, so there’s no excuse not to get the mint, drop and lollipop before they disappear at the end of the birthday month. If there still aren’t any in your area, worry not. I’m sure CoachV will decide to throw a few more out by month’s end.

Also, be sure to check out the Munzee 3rd Birthday Video starring our players! After a weekend of Munzee Birthday celebrations, we’ve complied as many social media contributions as possible to show the world just how awesome Munzee is. If you stick it through you might also get a behind the scenes look at how some members of Team Munzee celebrated the birthday!