Birthday Reseller Sale!

While most of our birthday has been about giving back to our players, we want to take some time to acknowledge (and reward) those who further the Munzee business across the world. Today our birthday celebration includes a group of people we’ve come to appreciate over the past 18 months, our authorized resellers! They will receive a 33% discount for the next 72 hours on orders for next month’s product.

Reseller_720We’re sure players will see a portion of that discount passed on by the resellers during the next month on some items as a continued celebration of the 3rd birthday. We appreciate what the resellers do to grow the game of Munzee and provide quick regional and worldwide shipping options. Check them out at Players, don’t forget that if you actually go to an authorized Munzee reseller’s physical location you’ll receive a special badge as well. Online orders won’t get you the badge though so find a reseller location near you!

We’d also like to thank the resellers for working through a minor issue that has come up over the last 4 weeks with some duplicate minizees that were printed by our supplier. The issue has been worked out, but any player effected by this problem should reach out to their reseller or MHQ via