November GOTM and POTM Winners!

Far from being the intermediary month between Halloween and Christmas, November brought us some popular Origami specials, recognition for our veterans, and time to reflect on what we’re thankful for. As this month comes to a close, we are happy to announce the winners of the November Garden of the Month (GOTM) and Player of the Month (POTM), as well as the criteria for December POTM! The badges for November GOTM and POTM will be awarded in early December, but we couldn’t wait to share the winners we’ve chosen!

November GOTM

This month we wanted to highlight two gardens of the avian influence — who says November is only for turkeys? Remember that all winning GOTM organizers and all players who deployed in the winning gardens will be awarded special badges for their contribution to growing the map. This month we’re happy to award the Owlgarden Zürich, designed by Tabata2, and the Berlin Tempelhofer Feld – Skylark/Feldlerche, designed by halizwein, as our winning November GOTM! The gardens will appear as follows:

Owlgarden Zürich by Tabata2 in Zürich, Switzerland

This adorable blue bird is a work of art in its own right!

Owls have long been associated with wisdom and knowledge, to the extent that they are associated with the Greek goddess Athena. Was it by coincidence or by design then, that the garden blankets Zurich’s Nordamerika Native Museum (NONAM)? You’ll have to ask creator Tabata2!

Berlin Tempelhofer Feld – Skylark/Feldlerche by halizwein in Berlin, Germany

This garden is located in Tempelhofer Feld, once an airfield, and now the largest inner-city green space in Berlin!

While this garden was nominated earlier in the year, we think the colors are perfect for fall! Creator halizwein was inspired by the lively chirpings and calls of the skylarks, which are plentiful at Tempelhofer Feld in the spring. The spreadsheet for this garden even includes a link to a video where you can hear the skylarks for yourself!

All players who deployed in the respective winning gardens will receive the following special badges:

Rules for GOTM nominations:

  1. Garden must feature non-licensed character designs.
  2. The garden must feature a Garden Places Pin.
  3. The garden must be built using a publicly available spreadsheet which we will ask to be locked after being 100% deployed.
  4. We’re asking for ongoing nominations and we will release the winners throughout the year.

Send your nomination for GOTM to! Keep in mind that we take all former nominations into consideration for upcoming months. Just be sure your garden follows the nomination rules in order to be considered eligible!

If you need help deploying in a Virtual Garden, you can check out this step-by-step tutorial that will making deploying in a garden easy no matter how long you’ve been playing. To fill in the gardens, make sure to stock up on Virtuals and Color Credits from the Freeze Tag Online Store.

November POTM

November POTM’s requirements were simple — all you had to do is be a Premium Member!

All Premium Members will receive the following POTM badge. On top of the badge, Premium Members will also be credited a Golden Carrot Munzee and a Vacation Condo Munzee as well! You can expect to see the badge and credits in early December.


Thank you so much for choosing to support Munzee by buying a Premium Membership!

December POTM Requirements

It can’t be the most wonderful time of the year without a wreath-y good POTM badge to go with it! As in the previous months, this unique POTM badge is eligible for any player to earn regardless of previous wins. The badge will appear as follows:

We want to see some festive fun at events! Anyone who posts a photo on an Event Indicator from Dec 1-31 will receive this badge! If you aren’t already planning to go to an event, why not host your own? Purchase Christmas Events in the Freeze Tag Store now! Don’t forget about our Best Dressed Contest either — you can kill two birds with one stone by posting the same photo on social media!

Munzee on!