UPDATE: New Year’s Resolutions

UPDATE: New Year’s Resolutions can be found here. We will be requesting updates monthly and posting them on the Resolutions page!


This year, the members of Team Munzee were asked to come up with at least one New Year’s Resolution. It could be work-related or personal, and they were told it would be posted on the Munzee website to be visible and updated throughout the year. Some of the resolutions include:

  • Scott: “Run 4 days a week so that I can run in the 2016 Dallas Marathon.”
  • Louise: “I would…love  to become a Guinness World Record holder..”
  • Daniel F.: “I think my goal is to lose 4 kg of body weight. Nothing fancy, but healthy.”

We don’t want to do it alone, though! We want to know what your resolutions are and have you join us in being accountable for them. Send your resolutions to iloveyou@munzee.com with the subject “New Year’s Resolution”. We’ll add them to the list of our resolutions on the Munzee website and allow you to update them as well!

We’ll be posting the link to the resolutions page next Monday (January 4, 2016)!