NEW Premium Treehouse & Skyland Upgrades

We have some SUPER exciting news to share today, Munzee fans! For awhile now, we’ve seen requests from players wishing they could capture their Treehouses and Skylands more than just once per MHQ day. We can now happily announce that these dreams have become a reality!

Premium Members can now convert and upgrade their Treehouses and Skylands into Premium Destinations, which allow them to be captured once every 12 hours, instead of just once per MHQ day! NOTE – Once converted into a Premium Treehouse or Premium Skyland, only Premium Members will be able to capture and/or magnetize these destinations. This action is permanent and cannot be reversed, so upgrade wisely! Only the owner of the destination can upgrade their Munzee.

To upgrade, visit the Munzee Details page and tap the option to Convert

  • It will cost 1 Destination Credit to upgrade your Treehouse or Skyland

Below, you can see what capturing successfully as a new Premium Destination looks like, and the error message that will tell you how much time you have left before you can capture it again:

If you need to stock up on more Destination Credits or renew your Premium Membership, click the links below!

We hope y’all love these upgrades! And if you need a refresher on Bouncer Destinations, check out our help article HERE!

Munzee On!