National Scavenger Hunt Day Eventzee Hunt Winners!

On National Scavenger Hunt Day, we kicked off our second Eventzee hunt in the new app! The hunt ended as of the 31st, and we were happy to see around the same number of people participating as last time! As mentioned in our announcement for this hunt, this time we set most of the challenges to auto-approve so that you could see your fellow players’ submissions more quickly in the feed. We also did not receive ANY reports on inappropriate posts, so thank you all for keeping it family-friendly!

To give you the results in a timely manner, as promised, we reviewed ALL the submissions from the players that were in the top 10 on the leaderboard. If we found that a photo or video submission did not meet the requirements as stated in the challenge, we rejected it. This shifted the rankings a bit, causing some to go out of the top 10, in which case, we reviewed ALL the submissions for the new player that made it in, until the final top 10 consisted of players who’ve been thoroughly reviewed by us. So, without further ado, here are the winners:

  1. grubsn33rg
  2. Lukyshak
  3. Calvertcachers
  4. Rufnredy
  5. Aufbau1659
  6. hems79
  7. markayla
  8. monrose
  9. johnsjen
  10. GruesomeTwosome

These hardworking Eventzee players will receive their choice of the prizes as listed in our announcement post! If you are one of these players, we will attempt to contact you via the Eventzee Admin tool soon. If your prize level has options, we will ask for your prize preference. Please check the Eventzee app to see if you’ve gotten any messages from us — but keep in mind that depending on when you respond, we may not see your response (and send your prize) until Monday.

Lastly, here are some of our favorite submissions from the top 10!

We hope you enjoyed the hunt! While reviewing the winners, we did spot some other entries we liked, so if time allows we may compile some other favorites of ours!

Munzee on!