Munzee Valentines: Players of the Week Jeff and Rachel Ware!

Team Munzee is all about sharing the love.  Whether it’s a love of the game, growing the map, or each other, we’re here for a quiet night in capping Socials together, or out painting the town “red”!

This Valentine’s day we wanted to do something small, but special.  We took a look at some of our player couples and decided to give a special shoutout to an amazing pair of Munzee peeps that share a love of each other, and Munzee!  This week’s Players of the Week are Rachel and Jeff Ware!


Who are you (both), and what are your player names?
We are Jeff Ware (Xombie1013) and Rachel Ware (BooGirs)
Where in the world do you live? 
We Live in Jefferson City, MO
 How long have you played Munzee?  I started: May 30th 2013. Rachel started: June 4th 2013
How did you find Munzee?  Did you find Munzee together, or did one of you introduce the other to it?
I found it first, I was out geocaching with some friends and found a QR code in a cache, scanned it and was instantly hooked. A few day later I got Rachel to download the app.
 Seriously, who “fell in love” with Munzee first?  That would be me (Xombie1013)!!! 🙂
 What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
Its an activity we can do easily together and with out 7yo daughter. Very easy to play and grow the map.  And besides the usual parking lot you can find beautiful locations, places we would have never thought of going there if it wasn’t for that little green marker on the map.
 What is on your wish list?
We came up with an idea for a special munzee type…called Bomb Munzee, random greenies would turn into “invisible” bomb munzees, (they stay green on the map) capper and owner would get a certain amount of points, and munzees in a 200 ft radius would get shrapnel points (1-3) then bomb will jump to another location. And capper would still get a bomb icon.   (Editor’s note: Oooh, this sounds interesting!)
Another cool idea would be the ability to buy a patch for each badge you have unlocked. (can’t buy it unless you have the badge)
Tell us about yourself!
We first met at our apartment ( she was next door over) about 2 years after she moved to town.  A random double rainbow (unicorn farts) as Rachel calls them, made us both go outside at the same time…..and been together since! (aww)
Got any special Munzee plans for Valentines? 
We do have Munzee plans on Valentines Day!! I’m working out of town 4 days a week, and come home on the weekends.  This Valentines Day weekend my wife and daughter are coming down to SW Missouri, and she suggested we go Munzeeing for 2 days straight! Gonna paint the town green!! (then red) 🙂
Do you have any other hobbies?  
Rachel likes to make sculptures, and jewelry.  We both like to play video games, we both geocache.  I play Disc Golf!
Happy Valentine’s Day Xombie1013 & BooGirs! Just to make your weekend special, we’ve deployed two Diamonds in your accounts.  That should put a smile on BooGir’s face!  They were both sweet enough to share the love of their Social Munzee with us!
 If you know a player that should be nominated for Munzee Player of the Week, shoot us a message at -Please note, this is a super active campaign.  We may not be able to get back to everyone, but you’re helping to grow the list of amazing people in the Munzee community!