Munzee Player of the Week: CoffeeEater

“Greatness surrounds greatness” -so it’s no surprise that this week’s Player of the Week is a part of the tight-knit clan community of  Phoenix Rising, Z QRew & FireBirdZ with other POTW Alumni!   This week’s Player of the Week is Scott Cable, aka CoffeeEater!

scott cable better

Who are you? CoffeeEater

Where in the world do you live? Pittsburgh, PA, USA

How long have you played Munzee? 2 1/2 Years

How did you find Munzee? Actually my Wife did, she was reading a blog for mothers and the day’s post was on letterboxing. As part of the blog post the author mentioned Munzee as something new her family was looking into. I was at my desk charting out some ideas for a future cache when she suggested this Munzee thing I may be interested in. My response; “ahh what’s a ‘Munzee’? Sounds weird.” After checking out the site I quickly had my first one deployed in front of my computer to test it out. Then realizing I don’t want people coming to my house I undeployed it and redeployed a couple days later- July 30, 2011- to kick off my new hobby!

What do you enjoy most about Munzee? In the beginning it was all about the points, I loved it! Dropping new Munzees and making sure any new pins where cleared from the map while seeing myself climb the ranks was very addictive. This was back in the day, Superman was #1 around maybe ~12,000 points I made my way up inside the top 20 along with another local player, logsplitter. As with many areas and a new game, the growth was slow, and I took a short hiatus from play.

Take 2 and a few months gone by, I checked out the happenings at Munzee and the local map that was growing while I was hibernating back in cache land. It became clear that I should have had some patience! The game started evolving in so many ways and I was instantly more obsessed than before, lol.

Honestly, I still like points but I really enjoy making specific trails and enjoying the game with others especially new players like CPTskg & rgm129 out there getting their feet wet. For me I think the game really hit pay-dirt with clans and the team work it takes to make that happen every month. Luckily for me I hooked up with a great clan with the Phoenix Rising & Z QRew.

What is on your wish list? Personally I just want to have fun and be part of what keeps it that way. I guess a more specific goal would be to get back into the top 100 and the badge that comes with it. I think I said that somewhere before, ahh yes the testimonial that you may see pop up on the about Munzee page “I’ve been playing and enjoying the game for over a year. I’m still having fun and can’t wait to see my name in the top 100 :).”…yep same goal 🙂

I think it could be fun to include some type of series Munzee that’s progressive in the field. My thought is that it would work similar to the quiz Munzees but answering correctly would unlock the next stage. Stage 1 would be visible to all, but stage 2 and so forth can’t be seen at all on the map until 1 is unlocked. Unlocking stage 1 would have to trigger a notification or pop up to alert you to where the next stage is located. In my little dream world the points would be 20pts max for each stage for a total of 100pts after finding and answering them all correctly the first time. Again similar to the quiz Munzee, less points for chances taken to get the correct answer. Since we’re in the CoffeeEater dream world, this obviously includes a set of badges.

Tell us about yourself! My real name is Scott Cable, and I have a wonderful family including my wife Amber and our two daughters. The eldest princess, Makenna, just turned 7 and young princess, Elena, is 4. I’m a Mechanical Engineer by trade, working for a water filtration company in the small town of Zelineople, PA. The majority of the time I Munzee solo, and in the dark. Later at night just ends up being when I get my free time, and I’m a night hawk anyway so it all works out.

My wife is a great health coach, and loves to do what she can to help others in their journey. You just might find a social Munzee somewhere here:

In general I’m pretty darn boring and outside of Family and work, I find myself shifting from one obsession to another. You’ll probably find few others with a music listening range like mine. With an over 50,000 song collection you can easily find me listening to some 80’s hair band, punk rock, jazz, old school rap, and to nail down an absolute favorite, that would have to be Metallica.

Music aside I’m a huge movie fanatic to boot. If you came over looking for a movie I probably have it. Similar to music I have a large range of genre interests, but always seam to roll back to Crime especially Gangster.

“As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster.” -Henry Hill

I wasn’t always known as CoffeeEater, during my days as a Boy Scout I was Turtle. First time out on a backpacking trip with my troop I thought I was tough or I at least wanted everyone else to think so. I offered to carry more and more to the point it was way too much. I took a break near a hillside along the trail at which point someone bumped me. I rolled down the hill and at the bottom I rolled around but couldn’t manage to get myself back up with everything stuck to my back. From that point forward, it was Turtle.

Thanks to those who nominated me and to MHQ for keeping this great game moving forward!

Scott was awesome enough to share his Social with us.  Here it is!

scott cable social 2 Scott Cable Social

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