Munzee Player of the Week: Michel Paverick (Paverick)

An international Munzee star.  A passionate player that sought to be #1.  The first player to reach 1 million points!  This week’s Player of the Week is Michel Paverick (Paverick)!

Paverick Paverick4

Who are you?

Hi I am Michel Paverick. In English Michael Paverick.

Where in the world do you live?
I live in Belgium, Europe. In the region of Flanders, Heusden-Zolder.

How long have you played Munzee?
I am playing Munzee for about two years. I have captured and deployed my first Munzee in March 2012.

How did you find Munzee? 
I started off as a ‘cacher, and then another ‘cacher, named The Bat, told me about Munzee. At first we started playing the game together and since that moment I was addicted to the game! In the beginning there were only a few players, 3 or 4.

In order to get a lot of points we went to Germany (along the Rhine between Bonn and Cologne) to capture some greenies.

Paverick and Saske100

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
Addicted to points, points and more points 🙂 What I really like is that it is an outdoor activity.
I also like the competition and the clan battles. At first I was a player in the clan HummelHummel.
I had a wonderful time in the clan HummelHummel and I have met some very nice people. Later on we have started a clan with some local players, the clan Flanders Munzee Association. Together we plan several Munzee activities. Mostly I am on the road with Tinkerbel.

Emma Paverick and the kids

What is on your wish list?
I wish that Munzee keeps innovating in new things. Most of all I would like to see more virtual game pieces because Munzee stickers are not allowed everywhere. Another item on my wish list is that I do not have to make another 1.000.000 points to level up 🙂


That’s one way to level up, just get higher!

Tell us about yourself!
My name is Michel Paverick. I live together with Elly, known as Muizeke and our 2 daughters Margo and Emma. I was born in Antwerp (The Antwerp Virtual Garden).

Other hobbies include;
Geolocating games, treasure hunting, hiking, biking, mountainbiking, wildwater kayaking!

Paverick3 Paverick2 Paverick and the kids winter

Paverick was awesome enough to share his Social Munzee with us! Check it out below:

POTW Social Munzee

Also, here’s a link to all of Paverick’s public social munzees:

For his hardwork, and dedication to Munzee, Paverick has been awarded a special icon in his hometown.  This special Munzee pin commemorates Paverick being the first player to achieve a 1 million point score!



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