Munzee Player of the Week: Louise Gibson (geoibsons)

Munzee has become so much more than a scavenger hunt. It’s become a collection race, a reason to get outside and each month it even becomes war. For those that participate in Clan Wars, you devote hours and days to capping, deploying and doing whatever else CoachV demands. Munzee’s third Birthday this July was no different and after a long month of activity the Plankers Clan came out on top. A clan is only as good as their leader though, so read on to learn a bit about Louise Gibson (geoibsons) who helped lead her clan to victory. 

OlympicsWho are you?
I am geoibsons, real name Louise Gibson. A 36 year old Londoner, I’m married and Mummy to 2 little boys.

Where in the world do you live?
I live in a town called Marlow, west of London, England where I moved from last year. If you look at the Munzee Map I think it’s pretty obvious a Munzer lives there!

BikeHow long have you played Munzee?
I discovered Munzee when it was a 2 month old baby – my account is about 1080 days old. I managed to keep the obsession at bay until the Clan Wars though. My best Munzee chum Rodz asked me to be a member of the London Clan and that was it. I was in. All his Munzees started getting capped by a nutcase wielding a baby in a buggy, this proved handy for a bit of extra height at times (standing on the buggy or lifting the baby and asking him to grab stuff, not standing on the baby obvs). Unfortunately we struggled to keep the London Clan going due to lack of local Munzers, so we went nuts for a couple of months, then sailed off as Pirates for another couple of months. A few of us then jumped ship to plan some world domination. We were briefly another chiming clan, but then became a bunch of Plankers. Turned out we were good at Planking, we won the war didn’t we?! I’d like to give a big shout out to my fellow Plankers!

Vallee Blanche

How did you find Munzee?
I heard about it through my caching chums. The first Munzee I found was called Dorset’s First, I was with my Uncle Griff and it was pretty much the only one on the South Coast of England, which is now saturated! I’m from a serious Munzee family, we pretty much all do it! My parents (Geogarley), my Aunts and Uncles (Georiffles and Baconybits), my sister (geosian) and my cousins (DarthXrisFaerieDee). Family parties are awesome, deploy a munzee and boom, instant caps! My non Munzeeing brother thinks I’m a massive douche bag and I test my husband’s patience fairly regularly though!

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
Munzee taps into my competitive and geeky side. I like getting outdoors, finding treasure and I feel like I’m a member of a secret club haha. I love the social side that has developed over the last year or so too since I’ve started hosting events in London and love the banter on Facebook. It does sometimes bring out the worst in me though… I think POTW might also stand for Pest Of The Week. I must admit to emailing the whole list of Cologne Event attendees to see if any who didn’t have a clan wanted to join my world domination clan! I also push my virtual field spreadsheets on anyone who’ll listen. It’s worth it though, London is a serious hot spot now and I love my other baby, the virtual Union Jack arrow pointing down at Regent’s Park, Rodz helped me create it and it looks awesome. Relentless doesn’t cover it either – even with over a 300k lead on Cologne with less than 12 hours to go til the end of the clan war I went down to the South Coast of England and stayed up all night, poised to cap to ensure GOLD!

CologneWhat is on your wish list?
Well I wish every month was as amazing at July 2014! The European Event in Cologne was fantastic. I doubled my score and got over 200k for the Plankers! I met wonderful players and loved hanging out with Rob and Daniel from MHQ. Very nice, very heiß.

I’d like the ability to make in-app purchases (even if you have to pre-load credit or something), I’d like FitBit badges, awards for Clan Winners – especially 3rd Birthday Clan Winners! Once my POTW Munzee Store discount and unlimited blast caps kicks in I’ll be a happy girl haha. I also wish there were more London players.

Tell us about yourself!
So as I’ve said, I’m competitive, a bit geeky and social. I love my family and my friends. I’m as happy drinking cocktails with the girls as I am sinking 10 beers with the boys. I’m a messer, a selfie poser and I’m quite girly. I love shopping, shoes, bags and nail polish, but I’m no easy touch, I like going out on my bike and the Mum’s race at Sports Day very, very seriously hahaha.

Other hobbies include;
I’m pretty sporty. I am into road cycling in a big way. I took it up last year after constant injuries from marathon running. Turns out I’m ok at it. I’m proud to hold 6 Queen of the Mountain titles from various hills around UK and I’m competing in RideLondon next weekend, which is a 100 mile race along the London 2012 Olympic Road Race route. I also love snowboarding. I think Chamonix in France is my spiritual home. The mountains are beautiful and La Vallée Blanche is the most exhilarating day you’ll ever have on a snowboard. Anyway, I’ve cycled 80 miles today, I need some chocolate and a glass or 2 of red wine….Thank you so much to those who nominated me and thank you MHQ for recognizing me. I love you all and I love Munzee xxxxx

Louise was kind enough to share her social, so cap away!

Social Poser


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