Podcast Episode 24: Matt’s back, the post-birthday blues, and Clan warfare

In this episode of the podcast, we share some #ScottThoughts, discuss this month’s clan wars and praise the higher powers that Matt is back to save the podcast. We also say goodbye to a huge part of Munzee, but look forward to the great things ahead.

This week’s topics:

1.  Weekend Munzee activity:  How did Munzee make it’s way into your weekend?

2.   Keep contributing to #ScottThoughts, #Munzee and #MunzeeFound, they really brighten our day!

3.  Winners from the Final FiestaThree celebration!  This might just help your post-birthday blues, here’s the winners from the final cap/deploy celebration.  Rob will contact everyone over the next week or so.  You can also message us at podcast@munzee.com


  • polkajen
  • Mooreule
  • Vlaju
  • jratzlaf
  • Cherrypi
  • ralphloewe
  • Jigge
  • Minerva123
  • mutti
  • Muaddib


  • huggyd1
  • geeijo
  • Rongylab2
  • RuneMorgan
  • richspeer
  • Pardlerum
  • Baggio
  • Dixzon
  • mueckenfett
  • schmitzfam4

4.  The Munzee Marketplace is coming along swimmingly, Dylan and TJ put up some of the final walls within the structure, and Dylan’s carpentry skills have been put to great use with our reclaimed wood and rustic look within the marketplace.  Omi’s painting the town with color…Okay, actually she’s staining and sealing some of the final touches for the place, and TJ’s receiving some of the awesome speciality teas, coffees, and treats we’ll be serving at the marketplace.

5.  Clans!  We’ve covered clans during the “early podcast” days, but we provide a refresher to all our new players and players that want to enter the arena of clan competition.  Premium perks include the ability to start your own clan, another reason to go sign up for premium membership!

6.  We’re sending Rob off to another event! This time Rob will be at World’s Collide in Seattle on August 15th.  Check it out here:  http://calendar.munzee.com/MUNZGEOSEATTLE/ -Supposedly this is a pre-mega deal here, folks.  Show up and represent with Team Munzee!

7.  LeftOvers4Dinner signs off! Omi has taken a media position in the Southwest, and we all wish her well! Don’t be sad folks, #omigiggles and #Munzeefound are always within the hearts of the Munzee community.  It’s sad to see the podcaster go, but it’s great to see her grow!  Keep an eye on #wheresOmi, we’re sure there’s a Munzee deployed with every one of her adventures.

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