Munzee Player of the Week: Ines (halizwein)

Munzee is what you make it. Whether it’s crafting virtual gardens or hiking through the snow to deploy, Munzee has a number of ways to play. As the map grows, the game grows and our players take it to new levels. Outdoor-enthusiast and Player of the Week Ines (halizwein) has played around the world in many different locations. From snowy ski trails to swimming holes, Ines is all about getting her munzees outside. Read on to learn more about halizwein and if you’re near Berlin on November 29 make sure to register for her event!

-5Who are you?
I am the “in” in halizwein. “ha”, “li”, and “zwe” are my daughters and my husband who do not play Munzee. Can you believe that?

Where in the world do you live?
Last year I moved to Berlin, an amazing and lively city with loads of Munzees and a bunch of great Munzee players. Lucky me! Before that I lived in Chicago, also a fantastic place to be, with not so many Munzees at that time though, but equally awesome players. Pre-Munzee I lived in London and Wales for a short time and in some other not so interesting places. My hometown is Göttingen, Germany.

How long have you played Munzee?
I signed up 855 days ago: April 10, 2012. I capped my first (single) Munzee exactly 10 days later. I needed another month before I gathered all the necessary materials and information for my first deployment, the first in my area. I think it took me actually that long to figure out the ideal place for this Munzee. Hehe, this has changed since.

-3How did you find Munzee?
Munzee was mentioned in the Chicago *insert frog game here* Podcast. The hosts only briefly talked about the game. Nevertheless, my interest was sparked and I downloaded the app. You know what happened next …

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
Munzee gets me outdoors and brings me to interesting places I didn’t know before, either on my own, or even better together with my clan mates from the German Gluers. Like the weekend in Cologne at the European Event. It was so much fun and it got me into the list of the top 100 players! On the other hand I have always loved to explore maps and I like numbers and statistics. With Munzee I can indulge in both when I can’t be outside. What I also enjoy is collecting badges, special icons and socials.

-7What is on your wish list?
Please continue to sprinkle in some specials every now and then, you are doing a great job in this respect already. Otherwise I wish for more functionality of the website (I always feel I have to click too many times until I am where I want to be) and that I will not get kicked out that often – logging in multiple times again is a pain, especially on mobile devices. And I sometimes have trouble when creating munzees on the website. It would be great if this could be fixed. A nice feature would be if one could browse through the detailed results of past clan wars.
In the app, I wish for an easier way to reactivate undeployed munzees that had been in maintenance mode.

Tell us about yourself!
Some of you have already been in contact for trades with me, or I sent you Social Munzees in the name of the German Gluers when you deployed Virtuals in the gardens at Schloß Charlottenburg or Tiergarten in Berlin. Apparently I am the “social“ person in our clan. I am also organizing a small event in Berlin that will take place on November 29. Feel free to drop by if you happen to be around, but register first!

-6Other hobbies include:
I am a swimmer. I used to swim a lot and still do some swimming – at the moment, i.e. in summer, mostly in the Schlachtensee, a lake nearby. I held three US National Championship titles in long distance relay swims in my age group, old ladies that is :-). Long distance means 5 or 10k, don’t mix me up with marathon swimmers who swim the English or Catalina Channel. I am not that crazy. My all time favorite swimming pool is Lake Michigan. You can find Munzees near all my swimming spots in Chicagoland.

I also bike a lot. I cycle to work almost every day and like to explore the city by bike. In winter I go X-country skiing, however I am not so sure if I can continue this activity in the Berlin climate. No snow last winter 🙁 You can find lots of Munzees on my biking and skiing trails too.
Apart from that I enjoy going to the movies, usually the only activity my teenage daughters like to do as a family. Is cuddling cute cats a hobby? We have two, Pippin and PB. PB’s full name is Princess Bubblegum and not peanutbutter!

halizwein was kind enough to share her social, so cap away!


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