October Clan Wars

It’s time for a special twist!  This month we want to reward you for physical gameplay.

October will be largely based on your activity out there in the QR code based real world known as MunzeeLand! That’s right, we are rewarding you with 2x clan points for Activity on *physical QR code based Munzees! 1 **virtual capture = regular points. 1 virtual deploy = regular points.  1 physical capture = double clan points.  1 physical deploy = double clan points.  This multiplier only effects the clan score not the individual player overall game score.  In other words, real game player points of an individual will not be effected by the doubling of clan points on physical munzees.  Expanded example: Player captures mystery sticker for 25 points and receives 25×2 = 50 for clan points.  Player captures mystery virtual for 25 points and receives 25 for clan points.  Player captures a greenie and receives 5 player points but 5×2 = 10 clan points.  Capture on points will not be effected during the clan war (they will not be doubled for clan score or personal score).  They count just like normal points in a normal month. Example: 3 capture on points equals 3 points for clan score and in normal game.

Level 1:  All 10 members must earn 500 clan points each.  Rewarded with 2 Munzee maces.

Level 2:  All 10 members must earn 1250 clan points each.  Rewarded with 2 Munzee Longswords.

Level 3:  All 10 members must earn 3000 clan points each.  Rewarded with 1 Munzee mace, 1 Munzee longsword, 1 Munzee battle axe.

Level 4:  All 10 members must earn 7500 clan points each.  Rewarded with 2 Munzee maces, 2 Munzee longswords, 1 Diamond, 1 Ruby, and 1 motel.

Level 5:  All 10 members must earn 20000 clan points each.  Rewarded with 2 Munzee battle axes, 2 Diamond munzees, 2 Ruby munzees, and 2 motels.

We look forward to seeing how active YOU can be during the month of October!

*Physical munzees include greenies (regular), mystery, mace, longsword, battle axe, motel, diamond, ruby, premium, business, and quiz munzees.

**Virtual includes all mystery virtual munzees and virtual munzees, including those captured via a blast capture.

***Remember your clan must have 10 members to qualify for rewards!***