Munzee Player of the Week: Frank Broughton (FrankBroughton)

Much like our map, Munzee the game is always growing. We’ve evolved in our three years and continue to do so every day. That being said, we’ve had growing pains and some times that loses the interest of players, but we pride ourselves on fixing our errors and earning back respect. This week’s Player of the Week wasn’t impressed with Munzee his first go around, but he’s happy he gave the game a second chance. Frank Broughton went from deleting the app to running a unique system of clans in the Western New York area and hasn’t looked back since. It’s this dedication that proves to us that our game means something and we take pride in knowing players will always give us another chance. Read on to learn more about FrankBroughton!


Who are you?
Hmmmm… I do not know, sometimes I ask myself that same question. The answer varies… from simple man, to complex man, to father, to dad, to husband, to grandpa, to friend, to leader, to follower, to loner. My Munzee player name is my real name, “FrankBroughton”.

Where in the world do you live? 

I live in Western New York. In small country town, south of the City of Buffalo. Munzee has grown immensely in Western NY. Niagara Falls is 45 minutes away from Team Broughton HQ. 

How long have you played Munzee?
I joined the Munzee website on October 1st of 2012. 

How did you find Munzee?
I run a forum for other GPS based location games and hobbies. One of my good friends asked this question on a thread he started “Dare I use the “M” word?” GOF Munzee introduced me to Munzee that day. I was skeptical of the game at first, I even deleted the APP shortly after (it crashed too many times on my phone). Some time had passed and another friend of mine talked me into giving the game another attempt. He mentioned how the APP had improved, he encouraged me download it again, I did. He even walked me through a park finding some Munzees. Something clicked, Rayman, thank you for that day. You reintroduced me to Munzee and I have never turned back from that point.

20140922_150740What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
Easily first, I love the clan aspect of the game. I love running the NY & Friends Munzee Hunter Group of Clans and our Facebook group. We currently have 6 clans, each one has different goals allowing players to jump from clan to clan depending on the effort they feel they can dedicate to the game on a given month. I could write a small book on this aspect of the game. Secondly, I love the freshness of the game. I love how Team Munzee is always coming up with something new. From the various types of clan requirements, to new Munzee types, to specials on the map, the weekly Google hangout, the up and coming Munzee event APP, and more. There is something always fresh and new about the game of Munzee. Third, I love the competition aspect of the game. It pushes me to get to the top of the score boards, to earn more badges, and to have my clan’s streak of superchucking continue on. Yes, I enjoy many aspects of the game of Munzee. Last but hardly least, I enjoy getting out with some of my family playing the game together. Two of my sons, GoldenEagle and EagleClaw, and my wife SunShower, are active in the game. (Shout out to Katzrule712, my faithful clan teammate.)

DSCF2721What is on your wish list?

Glad you asked. I think it would be very neat to see the creation of the Munzee Missile! It would work just like a standard blast, but the different being one picks a virtual Munzee any place in the world as a target. The Munzee missile lands at that location and captures the nearest 100 virtual Munzees within the blast zone. Let’s face it, many players will never have the chance to travel the world to get to the many awesome Virtual Gardens on planet earth. The missile Munzee would be a neat tool. Make it so it would have to be earned, and rare. Perhaps the ability to earn one for say each 1,000 deploys and 1,000 captures of Greenies. Something along that line. It really could work and be a fun part of the game. It covers the virtual world and the ground game. Again, it would have to be earned.

Tell us about yourself!
I have been through some bumps and bruises in my 55 years so far of life. From my dad passing when I was 13, to my first born son passing at age 26. I have to say though, I also have been very blessed. I have a wonderful wife and 7 other kids. I have 5 wonderful grand children. I have had the great privilege of working for my church full time for 23 years now. I am someone who puts his all in most everything I attempt to do. I love this Jack Dempsey quote, “A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can’t.”  I know that feeling. 

DSCN0687-003Other hobbies include:
I have a passion for Fireworks. I put on a huge show on America’s Independence Day each year at a summer camp I help run. I use the Cobra Electronic Firing system to create a pyromusical (fireworks synced to music). I am an administrator on a very popular Fireworks forum. I enjoy scenic photography, hiking, and simple things such as watching sunsets with my wife.

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