Munzee 3.0 is Here!

This past year has brought quite a few changes in the Munzee Universe. Not only has Team Munzee grown but we’ve also grown our company to include new apps and ventures. Through it all, we never lost track of our core. Our company, and family, is built on the Munzee app and community. We’ve spent an extremely large amount of time and energy planning, designing, building, and refining the Munzee 3.0 update, and now, we’re ready to release it to the world.

The Munzee 3.0 app is not just an update, but a complete redesign intended to improve the experience for you, the player. Some of the changes include:

  • No more Home Screen. Loading the app now takes you to the most important screen, the map!
  • A new profile page that provides all of your information in one place
  • An improved messaging system that provides real-time communication and notifications
  • An in-app leaderboard section that provides detailed and up-to-date information

We’ve added many new premium features to this fancy app as well.

  • Removal of ads – can be turned on/off under settings in app
  • Multi User Login (up to 3 users)
  • Daily Leaderboard with almost real-time stats
  • Upgraded options to show up to 2000 munzees on map
  • Titles
  • Ability to add pictures at location of Munzee (upcoming badge series to be earned)

In order to give more people access we are lowering the price of the premium membership until 11:00AM September 4, 2015 from $30 to $23. This is limited to a one-year renewal or brand new premium account purchase only. If you area already a premium member it will add one year to the end of your current membership. Purchase a premium membership in our online store at ***Apologies to MunzPak subscribers, August coupon will be disabled this time, but will be extended through the 6th. ONE TIME USE ONLY ON COUPON***

iOS users will see Munzee 3.0 as an update in the App Store over the next 1-24 hours. Android users will see Munzee 3.0 as a NEW app in the Google Play Store. We will be removing the current Munzee app from the Google Play Store. If you experience any issues please email with all details.

Last, but not least, we’d like to thank everyone who helped and was involved with Beta testing the Munzee 3.0 app. Your feedback was extremely important in making the app what it is.

We hope you enjoy Munzee 3.0! Grow the map!