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September 17, 2015

Newz from the Prez

I wanted to take a few minutes and update everyone on several issues we are facing. The first is the release of iOS 9 and our subsequent blog post about how it would effect the use of our app. We appreciate the patience of our Apple phone using players as we patiently wait for version 3.0.2 to be approved by Apple. The second issue has been our announcement of removal of our 2.x apps from Google Play and the App store on October 1st. Many suggestions have been made about alternatives, however several core components to the app were due for renewal from their providers. With the release of 3.0 and the new core components the time was right to cut off the other services. We realize both of these issues are not optimal for our worldwide players but we are working to come up with the best solutions possible. To help ease some of the pain we’ve come up with something fun for all players! 🙂

As a thank you to our loyal players we are opening up the prize vault this weekend. From 00:01 September 18 until 23:59 September 20 you will have a chance to win random prizes from MHQ (all times are MHQ based, GMT -6). These prizes will be added to your credits or your undeployed list. Every capture and/or deploy during this time has a chance to earn you a prize so get out there and Grow the Map or paint the town red! Prizes include virtuals, mystery virtuals, virtual colors, motels, aquamarines, diamonds, rubies, and even blast captures! We wish you good luck and hope you spend some time this weekend with Munzee, family, and friends.

In addition we’ve also lowered the price on several products in the store for the weekend, starting at the time of this blog post. Check out the special deals here.

Thanks for your patience during our time moving forward with the new 3.0 version of Munzee. I can’t wait for you to see what else we have in store for you during this year of New Perspective.  — Rob

September 3, 2015

Munzee 3.0 is Here!

This past year has brought quite a few changes in the Munzee Universe. Not only has Team Munzee grown but we’ve also grown our company to include new apps and ventures. Through it all, we never lost track of our core. Our company, and family, is built on the Munzee app and community. We’ve spent an extremely large amount of time and energy planning, designing, building, and refining the Munzee 3.0 update, and now, we’re ready to release it to the world.

The Munzee 3.0 app is not just an update, but a complete redesign intended to improve the experience for you, the player. Some of the changes include:

  • No more Home Screen. Loading the app now takes you to the most important screen, the map!
  • A new profile page that provides all of your information in one place
  • An improved messaging system that provides real-time communication and notifications
  • An in-app leaderboard section that provides detailed and up-to-date information

We’ve added many new premium features to this fancy app as well.

  • Removal of ads – can be turned on/off under settings in app
  • Multi User Login (up to 3 users)
  • Daily Leaderboard with almost real-time stats
  • Upgraded options to show up to 2000 munzees on map
  • Titles
  • Ability to add pictures at location of Munzee (upcoming badge series to be earned)

In order to give more people access we are lowering the price of the premium membership until 11:00AM September 4, 2015 from $30 to $23. This is limited to a one-year renewal or brand new premium account purchase only. If you area already a premium member it will add one year to the end of your current membership. Purchase a premium membership in our online store at ***Apologies to MunzPak subscribers, August coupon will be disabled this time, but will be extended through the 6th. ONE TIME USE ONLY ON COUPON***

iOS users will see Munzee 3.0 as an update in the App Store over the next 1-24 hours. Android users will see Munzee 3.0 as a NEW app in the Google Play Store. We will be removing the current Munzee app from the Google Play Store. If you experience any issues please email with all details.

Last, but not least, we’d like to thank everyone who helped and was involved with Beta testing the Munzee 3.0 app. Your feedback was extremely important in making the app what it is.

We hope you enjoy Munzee 3.0! Grow the map!

July 29, 2015

Munzee 3.0 Beta Update

Thanks to everybody who tested Beta 1 of the Munzee 3.0 app. We are very excited about the next beta which will be released on Friday, July 31, 2015 at 10am MHQ time. Beta 2 will be active until the following Wednesday, August 5, 2015 at 10am MHQ time. After that, you’ll be unable to use Beta 2. We disable the beta so that we can lock down features and provide a better product.

If you had Munzee 3.0 Beta 1, you don’t have to do anything further. You will receive an email when we release Beta 2, and it will be available for you to download. If you DID NOT sign up for Beta 1, you can sign up now via the links below, and you’ll receive an email when we release Beta 2.

We are also going to re-open user feedback. Please only leave feedback that is relevant to this beta. We realize that many of you have suggestions for new features, but at this stage in the Beta process, we are looking for feedback regarding current features in the app. We’d especially love feedback on the filter section of the app. Please go to to leave feedback.

Here are just some of the changes that we have made since we released Beta 1.

  • Multi-User Login
  • Clan Details View
  • First Time Login Walkthrough
  • Munzee Name and Notes on the Same Page on Deploy
  • Button to remove the name and the notes of a munzee
  • Combined Items on Filters
  • Friends List
  • Showing User Titles
  • Hide Popup After 2 seconds
  • Fixed the constant Compass Calibration for iOS
  • Rate the App
  • Secure Socials can now get a new code
  • Help/Support Menu Item

Thanks, and grow the map!

July 1, 2015

Munzee 3.0 Beta Testing

We are excited to start the process of publicly testing Munzee 3.0. It has been a long road so far, but we are very excited to be at the point for our players to start testing it out. It is a complete rewrite of the app for both iOS and Android, and it should be great for new users along with seasoned veterans of the Munzee game.

We are going to use HockeyApp to ensure that distribution of the app is handled properly. To apply to be a beta tester, please click the link below to start the process. You MUST create a HockeyApp account (which is different than your Munzee account).

iOS –
Android –

The goal is to have the first beta sent to the approved beta testers on July 9th. You will have until July 14th to use Munzee 3.0. Once that period is over, the app will no longer work, and we are going to take ALL of your Feedback to make the app even better. We will have a second and maybe third round of tests to ensure that we make the best possible Munzee app.

On July 9th, we will also launch a way to handle all the feedback. There will be more information about that date. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! THIS IS THE POINT OF BEING A BETA TESTER!

Thank you for playing Munzee and we can’t wait for you to start trying out Munzee 3.0!