More New Badges: Overall and Daily Leaderboard Extensions

We mentioned in our last post regarding badges that more were on their way. Well now, they’re here! We’ve extended the Overall Leaderboard line and the Daily Leaderboard line! Now you have something new to aim for!

Overall Leaderboard

In addition to the King/Queen of the World, Top 10, 50, and 100 badges, we’ve added the Top 500, Top 1000, and Top 2000 badges! Earn these by moving up the ladder into the correct position!Β THESE BADGES ARE NOT RETROACTIVE!

Daily Leaderboard

Winner or First Loser. Lucky or Unlucky. Daily Leaderboard badges are fun to attempt, and now, there are more. We’ve added Blackjack, The Meaning of Life, Halfway, and The Final Spot! THESE BADGES ARE NOT RETROACTIVE!

These badges will be released TOMORROW, August 25th.

We hope you enjoy these new badges! We’ve got plenty more on the way!

Munzee on!