Back To School Special

*Bell Rings*

Howdy everyone! Rob is reminiscing on his teacher days, and wants to recognize all the students, teachers, and families impacted by school. In some countries school is already started, in others students are currently on holiday but returning soon. In honor of school and the importance of education we will begin a “Back to School” Special.
It’s a special icon, a badge, and even a special sale!

Special Icon

  • 2016 icons will be placed on the map beginning Friday, August 26th at 00:01 MHQ time and ending Sunday, September 11th at 23:59 MHQ time.
  • The icons will bounce on the map, only on greens, every 7 hours if not captured before the timer runs out. This number is the length of a school day in the US.
  • 100 points will be split between capper and owner of host Munzee. Minimum points for either will be 30.

Special Badge

Capture at least one “Back to School” special icon and you will earn this teacher approved badge for your collection! Maybe you can print it and hang it on the refrigerator!?!

Special Sale

During our “Back to School” special, we will be offering 16% off Virtual Amethyst Munzees in the Munzee Online Store. This sale will begin at 00:01 MHQ time tomorrow.

The resellers will also be having a sale. Buy 100 Minizees at regular price ($20), get 25 free!. Visit for a list of our approved Munzee resellers.


Just to keep everyone updated, Rob doesn’t exactly miss teaching and certainly doesn’t plan to return. He’s having too much fun growing the game, investing in the community, and growing the map! He’s looking for opportunities to get out in the community in the upcoming months, have you seen the calendar recently? How does it look in your community?

Munzee On!