Maps and Updates

Sometimes the best source of information is directly from the man behind the curtain. Without any further delay, here is some important information from Rob.

Maps: As you know the online and in-app maps have been an issue for us since March, and probably earlier for some players. We have made many changes in order to work toward a long term fix, however this is an arduous process. Everyday the tech team looks for, and implements, updates to enhance your experience and response time. Over the past month we have limited the zoom in an effort to decrease lag and server load. All of this was done with our players in mind, especially those who play Munzee in highly concentrated areas where the map would crash without fully loading. Based on feedback we are allowing you, the player, the option to “Zoom Out Far” if you would like. If you disable our zoom filters, our hands are clean from crashes caused by the loading of the map. This feature will be found under the settings menu in-app and at on the website, available soon. We hope you’ll understand our reasoning behind this move and appreciate our willingness to put control back in your hands. You always have the choice to turn the option off in areas that cause map crashes. It still will not allow a complete zoom out and find using the in-app map but you will find a substantial increase in this feature. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work daily toward the best solution for everyone!

Beta: We have released a new Beta that includes a fun new feature adapted from a popular third party app available only to Android users. The feature sends real time alerts when mythological creatures and/or nomads land near your location. We have included this feature in the settings menu under “Alerts” and give you the opportunity to update your location at the push of a button. This is perfect for holiday trips, extended weekends away from home, or monitoring your current location at any time. The feature is available to premium users only and we hope to see it increase the captures on all of these types. All players will still be able to see these game pieces online.

Team Munzee: In the past two months, we’ve had a few changes to our team. We’ve added a new team member at MHQ. Judy has joined the team as a Web Designer, we will introduce her formally in and upcoming “Meet Munzee Monday” blog post. You can look forward to updates across the board to our websites and tools in the near future. Suggestions are always welcome via our website. The entire team continues to work together as we move the game forward, striving to be better tomorrow than we are today. In addition, Michael, Chris, and Austin have all moved on from Team Munzee, and we wish them well for their respective futures.

As always, we appreciate each of our players for their contributions to the game. Many of you are using your referral codes, found in the app under Settings -> Tools, to bring new players to Munzee. We are seeing rapid growth in many areas of the world, which is very exciting to us. Thank you for playing the game and growing the map!

Munzee On!

Rob Vardeman, President Munzee Inc