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June 21, 2019

Play YOUR Way! Map Split and Leaderboard UPDATES!

Did you catch our latest videocast? You can listen to Rob and Matt discussing the new updates HERE! 

Today we have a very special announcement! The Virtual and Physical Maps have officially been separated into two distinct playing areas. The proximity limits for virtual munzees will no longer affect physical deploys, and vice versa. This exciting over-the-air update is live as of the publication of this blog!

Play Your Way

Previously if a virtual was deployed in an area, a physical could not be deployed within its proximity, and vice versa. Now players have the opportunity to expand deploys in their area with even more physical and virtual munzees! Munzee has always been about letting everyone “Play Your Way,” and this latest update will allow players to do just that! You can now choose to focus solely on physical or virtual gameplay, or continue doing both with ease. Customize the filters in your app with easy adjustments to display physical and virtual Munzees however you like!

We have also added a small update to the online maps to allow players to toggle between physical and virtual munzees as well. This will be handy for players deploying virtuals from the online map. Additionally, there is a slight change to the Destination line of munzees. This map split will uncouple proximity checks between Virtual Resorts and Timeshares. Resort proximity will only be blocked by other Resorts (or other virtual types), and Timeshares will only be blocked by other Timeshares, Motels, and Hotels (or other physical types).

To help you fill in all the new spots for deploying, we’re hosting a “Play Your Way Summer Sale” in the Freeze Tag Online Store starting at 15:00 MHQ today! There will be deals on a number of physical and virtual products. It’s also the first day of summer/winter, so blocks of Seasonal Munzees will be on sale, and they have also been added to the PinPoints store! Check out the entire “Play Your Way!” collection HERE when the sale goes live!

Follow The Leader(boards)!

We have another big update alongside the map split— the leaderboards! We now have a variety of different leaderboard options to showcase the skills of different gameplay styles. This new update includes the creation of Virtual and Physical leaderboards, as well as daily, monthly*, and yearly leaderboards for each type. You can see a breakdown of each leaderboard type below, but all leaderboards are accessible from both the web** and mobile app.

On the mobile app, simply toggle the various dropdown menus to see the desired leaderboard. You can choose between different leaderboards for Munzee Type, Points Earned, and Time Period. These new leaderboards are only visible in the latest version of the V4 Munzee app via an over-the-air update. (If you haven’t received it yet, try restarting the Munzee app!)

On the web, simply choose the leaderboard you would like to see from the dropdown menu on the upper righthand side. Once you choose the leaderboard you want to view, you can also toggle “This Month” to show “Last Month” and “This Year” to show “Overall” leaderboards.

To see the Munzee web leaderboards, go HERE.

Split Leaderboards by Munzee Type:

  • All Types
  • Physicals Only
  • Virtuals Only

Split Leaderboards by Points Type:

  • Total Score
  • Captures Only
  • Deploys Only
  • CapOns Only

Split Leaderboards by Time Period:

  • Today (Premium Members Only)
  • Yesterday
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • This Year
  • Overall

Reap The Rewards!

With new leaderboards also come all new leaderboard badges! With so many different leaderboard types, we plan on continuing to release exclusive badges as the year goes on. To start off, we have new leaderboard badges for the following:

Monthly Leaderboard Badges:

Virtual Daily Leaderboard Badges:

Physical Daily Leaderboard Badges:

The next line of badges, coming soon, will be for Daily Capture, Deploy, and CapOn leaderboards! There are hundreds of different badge possibilities, so always stay tuned for more information!

We hope you all take this opportunity to grow the game to new heights, both around the world and in your own backyard. The time is now to Play Your Way, so get out there and GO!

Munzee on!

*Please note that though “Last Month” leaderboard will show upon launch, players will not earn badges for it until the end of the month.
**Access to the current daily leaderboard is only available to Premium players, so that leaderboard is only accessible via the app. Players can still see yesterday’s daily leaderboard on the web. 

June 15, 2016

Maps and Updates

Sometimes the best source of information is directly from the man behind the curtain. Without any further delay, here is some important information from Rob.

Maps: As you know the online and in-app maps have been an issue for us since March, and probably earlier for some players. We have made many changes in order to work toward a long term fix, however this is an arduous process. Everyday the tech team looks for, and implements, updates to enhance your experience and response time. Over the past month we have limited the zoom in an effort to decrease lag and server load. All of this was done with our players in mind, especially those who play Munzee in highly concentrated areas where the map would crash without fully loading. Based on feedback we are allowing you, the player, the option to “Zoom Out Far” if you would like. If you disable our zoom filters, our hands are clean from crashes caused by the loading of the map. This feature will be found under the settings menu in-app and at on the website, available soon. We hope you’ll understand our reasoning behind this move and appreciate our willingness to put control back in your hands. You always have the choice to turn the option off in areas that cause map crashes. It still will not allow a complete zoom out and find using the in-app map but you will find a substantial increase in this feature. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work daily toward the best solution for everyone!

Beta: We have released a new Beta that includes a fun new feature adapted from a popular third party app available only to Android users. The feature sends real time alerts when mythological creatures and/or nomads land near your location. We have included this feature in the settings menu under “Alerts” and give you the opportunity to update your location at the push of a button. This is perfect for holiday trips, extended weekends away from home, or monitoring your current location at any time. The feature is available to premium users only and we hope to see it increase the captures on all of these types. All players will still be able to see these game pieces online.

Team Munzee: In the past two months, we’ve had a few changes to our team. We’ve added a new team member at MHQ. Judy has joined the team as a Web Designer, we will introduce her formally in and upcoming “Meet Munzee Monday” blog post. You can look forward to updates across the board to our websites and tools in the near future. Suggestions are always welcome via our website. The entire team continues to work together as we move the game forward, striving to be better tomorrow than we are today. In addition, Michael, Chris, and Austin have all moved on from Team Munzee, and we wish them well for their respective futures.

As always, we appreciate each of our players for their contributions to the game. Many of you are using your referral codes, found in the app under Settings -> Tools, to bring new players to Munzee. We are seeing rapid growth in many areas of the world, which is very exciting to us. Thank you for playing the game and growing the map!

Munzee On!

Rob Vardeman, President Munzee Inc

April 24, 2016

UPDATED: Bright Lights, Big City, Flat Robs

Update: The times for Flat Robs have been updated.

Rob, Scott, and Daniel Fischer have taken off to The Big Apple in search of answers to issues with the Munzee Map. While it potentially has some very good benefits for everyone soon, it has immediate benefits for you, the players!

Flat Robs will be on the map from today (Sunday, April 24th) at 12:00 17:00 CDT through Thursday, April 28th at 12:00 13:00 CDT!

Have fun, and Munzee on!