Introducing Clan Wars Leaderboard Placement Badges!

While you’ll have to wait a few more days until the November Clan Wars requirements are out, we do have some exciting information to tide you over in the meantime. This month we introduced the Level badges for Clan Wars, and now we’re happy to announce that there are leaderboard placement badges as well!

Each month this brand new line of badges will be awarded for Clan Wars leaderboard placement. These badges will be awarded once per month after the battle for the month has finished. Everyone in a qualifying clan at the end of the battle will be awarded the badge. Therefore the badges go to whoever earns that leaderboard place at the end of each month.

There are already badges for the top 3 clans, so we’re shaking things up with these new Leaderboard badges. Clans who place 12th, 42nd, 75th, 123rd, and 200th at the end of each month will be awarded these special badges. The badges will appear as follows:

You may notice there are badges for 123rd and 200th place, but the Clan Wars leaderboard only shows the top 100. That’s part of the fun! You can see your clan’s current ranking in the app, no matter what number you are, at the top of the leaderboard screen. All of these badges should prove very difficult to earn, so with a little luck and planning maybe you can snag one of the special spots!

For a refresher on all things Clan Wars, check out our Clan Wars update blog. You can also find comprehensive information about all aspects of Clan Wars on the Help Guide. Stay tuned for the November Clan Wars requirements!

Munzee on!