International Yoga Day Specials!

Are you ready to reach ultimate Zenlightenment? We are pleased to announce new Specials in connection with International Yoga Day on June 21st!

Now although we may not be your run of the mill yogis, and “Zenlightenment” is totally a made up word, Munzee is proud to promote health initiatives that better your mind, body and spirit. So starting at 00:01 MHQ on Wednesday June 20th 1,728 yoga pose icons will be on the map until Sunday June 24th at 23:59 MHQ.

There are four different Yoga Pose specials that will be on the map. 432 of each type will bounce on greenies every 6 hours or when captured.


  • Capture: 108
  • CapOn: 18

All four Yoga Pose specials will only land on greenies and will be attracted by Munzee Magnets. Each unique icon will count toward the Specials Hunters badge line as well. You can earn a badge for capturing one Yoga Pose special of any kind, but to reach true Zenlightenment you’ll have to capture at least one of each type.

Since you’ll be exercising your body by going out and capturing these specials, we also want to see you all take a moment to work on your mind and spirit.

Upload photos to social media practicing a yoga pose of any type for a chance to win Munzee Prizes! Simply take a photo performing the pose, then add the name of your pose, tag @Munzee and use #MunzeeMeditations and #YogaDay2018 to be eligible.

We’ll draw several names from each of our active social pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Winners will be drawn and announced next week!

The official theme for the 2018 International Yoga Day celebration, organized by the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations, is ‘Yoga for Peace.’ So in your Munzee Meditations think of peace, harmony and capping!

Good luck and Munzee on!