Home, Home on ZEE Range!

Ahhh… the life of the a farmer. Waking up, surveying your crops, and tending to your animals. Sounds great to us! Since we can’t all lead a simple life on the farm, we’re bringing the farm life straight to your phone with our NEW Home on ZEE Range specials! You’ll encounter Flat frogs, and dogs, and squirrels – oh my! This furry special is inspired by our beloved Product Manager, Robbie – who always seems to have an assortment of interesting creatures at his house! Starting NOW, these farm friends will bounce around the map until June 25, 2023 at 23:59 MHQ

Two different Base Farm specials will bounce around the map, 1 physical and 1 virtual, as seen above.

Home on ZEE Range Specials

These finicky farm friends will be released in waves, but will end at a total of 1500 Flat Fields and 1500 Flat Farms. They will bounce around on the map every 3 hours or when captured. Though there will only be one icon shown on the map, at launch there are a possibility of 4 different Flat Farm Animal icons for each (a total of 8 different results) revealed after this special is captured.

You can find these Flats at the following munzees near you:

Both of the Home On ZEE Range specials will be worth 150 points for the Capture and 50 points for the CapOn, so you don’t want to miss out! Flat Field will be attracted to Physical Magnets, while Flat Farm will be attracted to Virtual Magnets. To access these specials, please turn on your “All Expiring Specials” and “All Limited Edition Specials” filters.

Capturing a Flat Farm or Flat Field will reveal one of the farm inhabitants inside! At launch you can expect to see the Flat Doxy and a couple characters in the badges below, but we’ll keep the rest of the farm friends a secret for now! More types of animals will appear as the month goes on, so make sure to keep an eye out!


We’ve created 8 NEW Badges for you to earn via specific gameplay actions! We’ll show you the first two and keep the rest a secret. It’s up to you to figure out the requirements for the other badges – good luck!


We hope you join us in enjoying this pastoral party — thanks for reading until the end!

Munzee on!