Have a BLAST with this NEW Booster!

Our team is THRILLED to announce the ALL NEW Capture Radius Booster! Prepare to reach new heights (or distances) with this all new Booster credit. The Capture Radius Booster (CRB) works a little different than other Boosters, but the gist is that it will double the distance of the virtual munzees you can capture. This includes virtual scatters, bouncers on virtual landing pads, Places, ALL things virtual! We’re considering this a soft launch as there may be a few more small adjustments to be made as we get your feedback over the next few weeks.

This all new Booster can only be purchased for 60 Zeds in the In-App Store.

The CRB will work with Blast Captures and Rover Treats to double their distance as well! This means you have the ability to blast munzees up to 2 miles from your current location. Due to its unique nature the Capture Radius Booster will last for 5 minutes.

From our internal testing we think 5 minutes will be a nice number in order  to meet some different types of needs. While you’re a passenger in a car you now have the ability to reach upcoming virtuals from twice the distance, never missing those amethysts again. 🙂 Remember, about a month ago, we announced players could now set off Blasts without having to wait until the previous one finishes! That meant more Blasts in less time! No more ignoring your friends at events while you watch the screen, waiting to blast again!

Our goal is to make this new Booster easily accessible so players can use it at anytime, so please let us know of any feedback in case there is some more tinkering needed. The CRB is just right for that extension you need to cap a few more munzees that have previously been out of reach, or those lining many of the roads across the world. If you need a refresher on how Boosters work check out our Help Guide Article to learn more!

Munzee on!