From the Desk of Louise: Birthday Events Wrap Up

What a fab month July was, thank you to our wonderful players for helping us celebrate our 5th birthday! We’ve loved the photos and stories from the events around the world and have even received some birthday cards and presents from you, thank you very much!


There were 89 birthday events worldwide and there were 2782 caps of our lovely birthday event special… You may have seen him, Robicorn was parading around at every birthday event!

The Birthday Present add on was popular too, it was at most events and 3412 Emeralds were given away in our 10 new gardens around the world. Those gardens are almost full but there are still some Emeralds available to purchase if you haven’t bought one already (you can purchase one per day). Also, keep your suggestions for future gardens coming in here.

To keep you excited about events we have overhauled the calendar and have the new Event Trail addition. They are good to go and will start featuring at events from this weekend. See yesterday’s blog for info which now includes pricing information.

Once again thank you so much for celebrating with us, we are so proud of our wonderful worldwide community! Munzee On!